Whether you’re after tropical reefs, land-based excursions, or your own custom-tailored adventure, we are a full-service travel agency bounded only by your imagination. Your next adventure is likely to be one of the highlights of your year and deserves superb service, planning, and value. Ocean First Travel designs and organizes unique adventures all over the world, guaranteeing a well-planned, memorable experience that is fun, safe, and takes you to the far reaches of the planet.


“I’m a solo diver – will I be the odd diver out on your trips?”

On any given Ocean First dive adventure, at least half of our participants sign up as solo divers. Some are single, others have partners who don’t share the same passion for diving so they choose to travel on their own.

If you are worried about room assignments, we offer competitive pricing on single occupancy, meaning your own room, so you have an option if you prefer to have your own space. For others, while nothing is guaranteed, we have a good track record of pairing solo divers with like-minded individuals who also prefer a roommate.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for one of our adventures just because you don’t have a partner. Group trips are all about celebrating the social nature of scuba diving – you will always have someone to share meals with, you will always have a dive buddy, and we guarantee that you will make new friends who may want to do another trip with you in the future. We’ve seen it time and time again!


Travel with us from anywhere, not just Colorado!

Incidentally, we have many frequent divers that do not even live in Boulder! We have befriended some amazing people on our travels throughout the years who choose to join us on future trips, from both the US and abroad. We also have fans find us online and book with us because their values align with ours, regardless of their location. Most of our trips do not include airfare, making it really easy to meet up from all over the world.


Why choose a group dive trip?

Travelers often resist the idea of group travel - with the ease of online booking, why not just travel on your own instead of with a group of strangers? For the uninitiated, group travel has the misconception of being too structured or a bit awkward. For us and our hundreds of annual group travelers, we understand that it couldn’t be further from the truth - traveling with a posse of like-minded divers is not only efficient and cost-effective, it’s also a lot of fun!

New Like-Minded Dive Buddies:

Scuba diving is a social sport. Most of us only have a few friends, if that, who also partake in the sport, so why not make some new friends who want the same enjoyable experience? Our group trips are a great way for solo divers to become fast friends with other like-minded divers in the area.

Cost & Time Efficient:

Ocean First does all of the work for you, ensuring that your vacation begins the moment you join the trip. All of the logistics are set and we do our best to cater to the specific needs of our travelers. We often work with familiar operators who we have previously booked with, giving us more leverage with pricing, service, and amenities.

Experienced Leaders:

Another significant benefit to group travel is the trip leaders. These experienced divers and seasoned travelers are on the trip to make our customers’ vacation extraordinary. Their job is to ensure all of the logistics run smoothly, to take care of any “hiccups” that may occur, to assist with equipment issues, and, most importantly, to make sure everyone is having a great time. Some trips even allow ample time dedicated to scuba training, with personable instructors ready to assist you with continuing education certifications. We have trip leaders with 20 years of guiding expeditions all over the world, from the Caribbean to the wilds of Africa. Having logged thousands of dives and even more miles in the air, our guides will keep the headache out of travel so you can relax and have the time of your life!