Custom Travel

Discerning travelers can customize their very own adventure anywhere in the world. Take advantage of our extensive expertise near and far to arrange your dream vacation.

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What to Expect

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff designs and organizes unique expeditions all over the world, guaranteeing a well-planned, memorable experience for families, groups, and solo-travelers.

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Upcoming Adventures

Whether your plans include snorkeling, diving, or simply soaking up some rays, we always have an exciting adventure on the books and revel in sharing memories with other intrepid explorers.


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The Ocean First Travel Difference

Ocean First Travel invites you to discover the natural beauty of our world. Whether trekking solo or being guided by one of our experienced instructors, you can relax and enjoy the spirit of adventure at the heart of snorkeling, scuba diving, and eco-travel. We understand what it takes to put together a dream vacation and our years of experience, superb planning, and great value ensure you’ll have an adventure of a lifetime!

  • Experienced and professional tour leaders

    Experienced and professional tour leaders

  • Eco-friendly operators whenever possible

    Eco-friendly operators whenever possible

  • Unique dive adventures all over the globe

    Unique dive adventures all over the globe

  • Custom and group travel options available

    Custom and group travel options available


The Domino Effect: Sometimes You Have to Roll With the Punches

The Domino Effect: Sometimes You Have to Roll ...

A way to look at life is the analogy of the domino effect: we stack our dominos one after the other and once the trip is off we hope they all fall the right way and the trip runs perfectly. Any experienced traveler knows this isn’t always the case. Some of the most fantastic experiences and stories come from that one domino that falls to the left or right, not forward. I suppose this is just life, after all. There is always a positive side to everything and for those who can see it, embrace it, and rise with it, there is no end to the joy in life.

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Ocean First in Palau & Yap 2020

Ocean First in Palau & Yap 2020

Exploring Yap was full of diving, amazing food and restaurants, cultural tours, and local culture. Moving on to Palau, it was full of  experiencing the Rock Islands, World War 2 wreck dives, manta rays, cave diving, Jellyfish lake, land tours, and a hike to a waterfall.

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Summon Your Inner Naturalist

Summon Your Inner Naturalist

Educated divers are smart, compassionate divers. The more you know the better diver you become, and the creatures of the ocean can tell if you care. These majestic creatures need our help and we can only help if we understand. Start your journey to become an underwater naturalist; the world opens up, and Ocean First will be ready for you when you are.

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Ocean Literacy & Eco Travel

At Ocean First, our commitment to exceptional adventures doesn’t stop at organizing trips. We appreciate all aspects of travel and love bringing our other passions into the fold, like marine science education and ecotourism. Our academic partner, Ocean First Education, has developed a free online course called Ocean Literacy to expand your awareness of our planet’s lifeline. If you’re looking to take it one step further or go off the grid entirely, we can put together an unforgettable eco trip that will minimize your footprint while giving you the same memorable experience as our group adventures.

With Ocean First Education's Ocean Literacy course, discover how we are connected to the ocean and why it is so important.


Let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime. We can customize a trip to meet any criteria, including eco-friendly travel options.