Spring 2018 Programs

Go beyond swim lessons and learn more about what Ocean First has to offer with our selection of fun and engaging single-day experiences. Save $20 when you sign up for all three days!

Stroke & Dive Technique Clinic

Tuesday, March 27th from 12-3pm

Swimmers will participate in a stroke technique and dive clinic to improve their swim skills. Also included is a deck and pool safety class with group problem-solving challenges. For ages 6-12. $45. 

Marine Science & Try Snorkel Experience

Wednesday, March 28th from 12-3pm

Children will receive an intro to marine science including lessons in marine biodiversity and ocean acidification, followed by time in the pool learning basic snorkeling and freediving techniques. For ages 6-12. $55.

Try Scuba & Virtual Ocean Exploration

Thursday, March 29th from 12-3pm

Children as young as eight can participate in this intro to scuba, which starts with an immersive virtual reality dive to spark the imagination. Then, after a comprehensive safety briefing, students hop in the pool and learn the basics of scuba through fun games and activities. For ages 8-12. $65.



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