Mermaid & Shark Experience

Screen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2-58-38-PM.pngLet your child's underwater imagination swim free in the Ocean First Swim School's two-day Mermaid & Shark Experience. Led by our resident mermaid, Sierra, this course gives your child the practical and safety skills to swim like a mermaid or shark in the water. 

Day one focuses on teaching the swimmers how to safely express their inner mermaid and shark personalities in the water; during day two they will learn to perform a short underwater routine. 

Upcoming dates:

April 7-8th from 1-3pm. For Beginner II swimmers and up (ages 5-12). 

See order sheet below for tail color and size options. 

Taught by our mystical resident mermaid, Sierra!



The experience is divided into two classes based on age and swim experience:

Mini Mermaids & Sharks

Ages: 4-8 years old

Required Swim Experience: Must be able to swim 10 ft unassisted

Class meets for two 1-hour sessions: dates and times TBA

Cost: $105 per person. Price includes a fabric, non-binding tail

Maximum of four students per class

Mermaids & Sharks

Ages: 5-12 years old

Required Swim Experience: Must be able to swim 50 ft unassisted

Class meets for two 2-hour sessions: April 7-8th from 1-3:00pm 

Cost: $210 per person. Price includes a plastic monofin and a fabric tail cover

Maximum of six students per class


Order Sheets:

Mini Mermaid Fabric Tail Order Sheet (Ages 4-8)

Mermaid & Shark Mono Fin & Tail Cover Order Sheet (Ages 5-12)

Optional Bikini Top & Shark Fin Order Sheet




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