The Ocean First Swim Club Team is our non-competitive swim team. All Ocean First Swim School students that are enrolled in Intermediate I and above are invited to participate.

Our swimmers are immersed in a traditional competitive swim environment that includes a pace clock, lap lanes, backstroke flags and a starting block. Kickboards, pull buoys, fins and other tools are also used to enhance their learning experience.

For the swimmers taking weekly instructional lessons, the team is an opportunity to further develop their standard exercises, learn new drills and expand their choice of strokes. It is also used as a source of physical conditioning by strengthening muscles and expanding their lung capacity. Most importantly, the swim team is a life building experience that is designed to be fun. The Ocean First Swim Team meets Sundays from 6:00-7:00 p.m.




HOURS: MON 9AM-6PM // TUE 9AM-7pm // WED 9AM-7PM // THURS 9AM-6PM // FRI 2PM-6PM