How to Get Started

To sign up for a swim class, start by choosing the page that corresponds with your child's age or ability to view the available class times. If a desired class time is unavailable, let us know and we can place you on a waitlist. Our goal is to find the perfect fit of ages and abilites to make your child's swim experience the best that it can be.

If you are unsure what class will be the best fit for your child, just let us know and we can place them in a free 15 minute swim evaluation to determine their level. Just make sure to fill out the online registration form before calling us; feel free to skip the part where you choose a class. Filling out the online registration speeds up the enrollment process so we can get you signed up for class in no time!

Baby & Me Classes (6-36 months)

3 Year Olds

4 Year Olds

5 Years and Older

Advanced Classes

Note that children develop cognitive and motor skills at different stages. Some children are fast learners while some require more practice or repetition. Our goal is to match swimmers of similar ages and abilities so that no child feels slow or behind the rest of their class. Choosing the right class is a collaborative that includes input from parents, kids, and our swim teachers. Your child will have opportunities to advance to other classes, but will never be forced to. Promotion is a process that requires input from teachers, parents, and the children and is something to be celebrated. We want everyone to be as happy to hear the bell ring as we are!

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