SSI Standards

SwimSSI-PMS298-Black_1.pngSwim Schools International (SSI) uses a swim teacher training program that addresses both ethical and teaching standards to maintain a consistent, quality experience for all swimmers, regardless of their class, teacher, or swim center. Simply put, these standards create peace of mind.

Teacher Certifications

Every SSI swim school teacher must go through a rigorous training program to get certified. This includes independent home study, classroom workshops, and intensive in-water training that helps perfect swimming skills and techniques. New swim teachers must then also complete a 30-hour apprenticeship, which includes class observations, co-teaching roles, and finally teaching their own class under the direct supervision of a certified swim teacher. After having met all of these requirements, they are then prepared to teach their own class.

Lesson Plans


The SSI lesson plan is known as the Gold Script and it allows us to create an open enrollment program without adversely affecting the progression of any swimmer. Classes are tailored to the individual based on ability, not on a timeframe for completion. If a swimmer is ready to move up to the next level, this flexible lesson plan allows for that to occur on an individualized basis, instead of waiting for the entire class to reach their final goals for the level.

If you would like more information about Swim Schools International, their lesson plans or swim philosophy, please visit their website.



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