Our adult swim classes focus on comfort and ability in the water and are not intended to produce competitive swimmers. Fear often outweighs technical inability, so we begin by focusing on comfort in the water and using tools to decrease that fear. As the swimmer’s comfort steadily improves, focus then shifts to technical training.


This is a class for adults who do not know how to swim and may have a fear of water. In this class, you will learn how to back float, tread water, and complete a 65 foot swim. Depending on their comfort level, some students may be required to own a mask and snorkel and can wear an inflatable vest to help develop confidence in the water.


Built for adult swimmers who can perform the goals of Adult I, this class focuses on technique and stroke development. You will learn freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke if you desire. You can also learn flip turns and racing dives. This adult swim class is great for swimmers wishing to compete in triathlons or learn more advanced strokes.




HOURS: MON 9AM-6PM // TUE 9AM-7pm // WED 9AM-7PM // THURS 9AM-6PM // FRI 2PM-6PM