Make-Up Policy

At the Ocean First Swim School, we strongly believe in the power of a consistent learning environment which is why we encourage attending your weekly scheduled swim class as often as possible. We also understand that life can get in the way, which is why we offer the following make-up policy:

  • We require a 24-hour notice in advance of your absence in order to be eligible for a make-up class.
  • Makeups are based on availability and are not guaranteed.
  • We cannot guarantee the same teacher for your makeup class.
  • Makeups expire 30 days following the absence. We cannot extend past this date.
  • You cannot schedule your makeup class further than seven days in advance.
  • If you know you are going to be absent, you can schedule a makeup class before your absence date.
  • If you miss a scheduled make-up, it cannot be rescheduled.
  • Make-ups are no longer valid if your family is not currently enrolled in lessons.

When classes are at capacity, it can be difficult to schedule a make-up class unless the swimmers who need to miss a class let us know. Advance notice of your absence allows us to open that space up to other swimmers who need to schedule a make-up class.

Until further notice, we are offering the following changes to our make-up policy: 

  • Make-ups can be extended following an illness-related absence as long as the family communicates the absence in advance.
  • Past make-ups are valid if your family is not currently enrolled in lessons for up to one month following the communicated drop reason (case by case basis).
  • Illness-related absences notified within the 24-hour notice are eligible for makeups. 

Until further notice, we are altering our drop policy to accommodate our families: 

  • All illness-related drop requests must be communicated to the swim administrator prior to your next swim lesson. You will be given the option of a credit or extended make-ups for your remaining lessons. 
  • Any non-illness-related drops continue on as usual and are to be communicated before the 1st of the month. 
  • Due to waitlist demand, we cannot hold or guarantee that same class after the student is dropped. We can however, add you back to any and all waitlists. 

Diaper policy

We request that you please take your child to the restroom prior to the start of their class. For the health and safety of our students and our pool, the Ocean First Swim School requires all swimmers under the age of three AND children over the age of three who are not fully potty trained to wear a reusable swim diaper (also known as swim pants). These can be purchased at Ocean First if you do not already own one. Your child will not be allowed to enter the pool if this policy is not followed.

In the event that a potty-trained child has an accident, they will be required to adhere to the diaper policy for a length of time to be determined by management.


Tuition Policy

Tuition for all group classes is $25 per class (monthly fees range from $75-$125) and payments are due by the first week of each month.