Comfort in the water is paramount to us. Our pool is kept at a balmy 89ºF and the ambient air temperature within about 10 degrees of that to ensure our swimmers are comfortable getting in and out of the water. Our pool has both a 4’ shallow end and a deep well to help swimmers quickly progress with stroke development and confidence building. Removable islands, barbells, floaties, and toys assist in creating a fun and supportive learning environment for our kids classes.


One of our most prized retrofits came in 2015 with the introduction of an innovative new pool filtration system that uses LifeGuard Technology. The system utilizes an advanced oxidation process to create highly potent hydroxyls that quickly eliminate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, sanitizing water more efficiently and effectively than chlorine and ozone. Long-lasting hydrogen peroxide is produced as a byproduct, significantly reducing the need for harmful chemicals. In fact, monthly tests show that our pool water tests cleaner than Boulder’s tap water!

We’re not saying you should bring your water bottle and fill up next time you’re at the shop, but being an environmental leader we thought this amazing pool filtration system would be a wonderful complement to our other blue initiatives, such as solar and wind power, compostable hand towels, and low-impact paint and building materials.

Our facility also features showers, family changing rooms, a beach volleyball court, and an air conditioned family classroom. Read more about our facility and sustainability efforts here.



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