At the Ocean First Swim School, we provide a fun, supportive and comfortable environment to learn new swimming skills.  Our private facility, friendly and professional staff, small class sizes, and 89°F indoor pool allow swimmers to focus on learning new skills and not worry about their comfort in the water.

Our focus is on water safety and confidence. All of our swim lessons are taught by teachers trained and certified in the Swim Schools International (SSI) methodology, ensuring a consistent and effective learning environment. This allows us to tailor classes to the individual swimmer based on ability, not a timeframe for completion. It means swimmers can move to the next level when they are ready instead of waiting for the entire class to reach its goals. This teaching methodology helps swimmers overcome fears, develop new skills and confidence in the water, all the while having a lot of fun along the way.



HOURS: MON 9AM-6PM // TUE 9AM-7pm // WED 9AM-7PM // THURS 9AM-6PM // FRI 2PM-6PM