TIDES is a multi-year experiential program for grades 7-12 that combines marine science, scuba diving, and fieldwork to unlock students' natural curiosities for the sea.


Marine Ecology

Ocean First Education develops engaging and interactive science curricula for students, teachers, and divers on a wide range of marine subjects.

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Camps & Expeditions

Join Ocean First Institute's marine science camps to learn more about ocean science and conservation or one of their hands-on expeditions to gain firsthand experience as a citizen scientist.

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The ocean is more than just our playground - it is the origin of and support system for all life on Earth. The health of our blue planet is in serious decline, but we believe in the power of education to make a difference. Today's students are tomorrow's stewards and there has never been a more important time to empower our next generation to take action and change our direction. 

Ocean First Institute & Ocean First Education

The Ocean First community reaches far beyond our swim, dive and travel services. We also develop marine science curricula and experiential programs through our sister organization, Ocean First Education, and offer in-school programming, local conservation projects, and research expeditions through our nonprofit partner, Ocean First Institute.

Ocean First might be the world's first and only certified B Corp dive center, but our greater community of passionate ocean enthusiasts and conservationists is what gives us the drive and determination to make our world a better, more diverse place.

Ocean First Institute is a Boulder-based 501 (c)(3) with the mission of conservation through research and education. Our highly driven team of scientists and educators are dedicated to connecting with students around the globe and sharing with them the importance of science education and hands-on conservation.

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Ocean First Education is a group of passionate educators, scientists, divers, and explorers who want to share our love for the sea with students everywhere. Through in-depth, multidisiplinary instruction, we take students to the intersection of education and fascination.

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