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Want to surpise the ocean-lover in your life but don't know where to start? Browse our gift guide for some great ideas and visit Ocean First to see our full retail selection.

Can't make it into the shop but still want to shop local? Give us a call!

Scuba Mask

Ocean First Essentials

A well-fitting mask is the cornerstone to every diver's underwater experience. With our generous exchange policy, you can buy a mask or other personally-fitted equipment to surprise the diver in your life without worrying about guessing the right size. Once the holiday madness dies down, bring in the equipment for a personalized custom fitting. (Must be within 30 days of purchase.)

Neoprene Mask Strap

Gifts Under $50!

Get a pop of color onto your mask! Either dress up that old mask or change out with the season.  We have 15 different colors/patterns to choose from to avoid hair pulling and provide comfort.


Eco-Friendly Essentials

Reefsavers are an essential multipurpose dive tool: stabilize yourself to capture the perfect shot without harming the reef, point to critters without coming too close, and bang on your tank to alert your dive buddy.

Bare Exowear & Fourth Element Thermocline Products

Eco-Friendly Essentials

From gloves to tops to full suits, these neoprene-alternative products (made from fishing nets!) will keep you warm and cozy on your dives. They can be layered and are machine washable. 

Backscatter Pro Package

For the Photographer

The perfect add-on as the most comprehensive filter kit available, compatible with GoPro Hero 3-7. Get the color back in your images and finally manage to capture the little details.

Sea Creature Ornaments

Proceeds Benefit Ocean Conservation

Only $10 each! Sales of sea creature ornaments go to our non-profit, Ocean First Institute, to help futher their mission of ocean conservation through education and research. 

Microfiber Towel

Gifts Under $50!

Microfiber Towels are every traveler’s favorite accessory. Use them to dry off quickly, shade yourself from the sun, sit on the sand… and when you are done they dry quickly and fold up to the size of a t-shirt.

Rash Guards

Gifts Under $50!

Prevent marine stings, sunburn, and over-application of sunscreen with a simple yet mighty rash guard. We have full stock of both men's and women's sizing. For the eco-minded, our line of 4th Element rashguards and swim pants are made from recycled fishing nets!

Dry Bags

Gifts Under $50!

Dive boats are notoriously wet; don’t just shove your phone, wallet, and electronics in the bottom of your backpack and hope for the best. Dry bags come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so everyone can be happy and dry.  

Bare Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest

Ocean First Essentials

Keep your core & head warm while diving with high-loft Ultrawarmth Omnired™ Infrared Thermal technology. Whether you choose the 5/33MM or 7/3MM your loved one will stay nice a toasty on their next underwater adventure. 

Love Hope Jewelry

Proceeds Benefit Ocean Conservation

Sales of Love Hope bracelets and earrings go to our non-profit, Ocean First Institute, to help futher their mission of ocean conservation through education and research. 

GoBe S500 dive light

For the New Diver

The ultimate waterproof flashlight, ideal for growing with the new diver. Use underwater as well as topside without risk of overheating. Rechargeable. Lights bring color back into the reefs and allow for some amazing night diving.  

Signal Marker Buoy (SMB)

Gifts Under $50!

For many, safety is the number one concern when diving. During decompression stops or to signal your dive boat, inflate the SMB underwater and it will float to the surface, making your location clear and your ascent safe.

AquaLung Bladder Cover

Customize Your Gear

Already own a Rogue or Outlaw bladder and want to spruce it up?  AquaLung has created reversible colored covers as well as a new white/pink option to their selection.

Sola Dive 1200 S/F Light & Motion

Ocean First Essentials

One of the smallest, lightest & most powerful spot beams on the market. This device has 6 lights in one and comes with a rechargeable battery. The goodman hand strap allows you to have both hands free while diving!

Squeeze Loc Dive Knife

For the New Diver

Fulfill your fantasy of looking like Bond while carrying a practical dive tool. Dive knives are useful for cutting fishing line, untangling from kelp forests, or banging on your tank to get your buddy’s attention.

Ocean First Branded Merch

Gifts Under $50!

Browse our huge selection of high-quality and limited edition branded merchandise, including shirts, tanks, wine tumblers, hats, hoodies, beanies, dry bags, buff's and more.

Fish ID Cards

Gifts Under $50!

Turn “Did you see that redish-orange fish with the spiky fins and big eyes” into “I saw tons of squirrelfish on that dive!” with fish ID cards. You can even bring them underwater with you. Or go digital with a Fish ID course from Ocean First Education

Snorkeling Kit

For the Seafaring Family

Know someone who will be visiting the ocean but won’t go below 10ft underwater? We sell both adult & child packages that include snorkeling masks, fins, and snorkels. Help them avoid renting questionable used equipment while staying within budget.

Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

For Mr. or Ms. Safety

Going off the beaten path?  This device can add to your sense of safety if you are ever caught out in the ocean with no boat in sight.



4Ocean Bracelet

Gifts Under $50!

Remove a pound of trash from the ocean with each bracelet purchased! Plus…all of the proceeds go to our non-profit, Ocean First Institute. 

Evoke/Reactive Celliant Wetsuits

Ocean First Essentials

Celliant increases circulation and body warmth so it makse sense to get a suit made with this incredible material! Decrease the bulk and increase the warmth with either the men's Reactive or women's Evoke wetsuits.

Stahlsac Panama Mesh Bag

Ocean First Essentials

Ever wondered how to keep all your gear together on the boat?  The Stahlsac Panama mesh bag is the perfect solution and comes in 5 colors so everyone in your family can tell their gear apart!

Suunto D5 Computer

Ocean First Essentials

Suunto's newest colorized watch size computer. Air integration with optional POD transmitter. This is our staff's new favorite computer!

Underwater Noisemaker

Gifts Under $50!

When you can't talk underwater, you have to improvise. The H2YO noisemaker rattle makes it easy to get your dive buddy's attention. 

Zeal Sunglasses

Eco-Friendly Essentials

Protect your eyes with these eco-conscious glasses, made by Boulder company Zeal Optics. These polarized sunglasses don’t sacrifice features and use eco-friendly technology like plant based lenses and non-petroleum based frames.


For the New Diver

When you are underwater, the unfamiliar landscape, currents, and marine life abound can make it difficult to orient yourself. All divers should own a compass and know the basics of navigation to stay safe and oriented when you dive.

Eon Core Computer

Ocean First Essentials

More compact than it's big brother, the Eon Core doesn’t sacrifice quality! Fully customizable screens, rechargable battery and user-updatable software make this computer one that you'll never out-grow.

SeaLife DC2000 Camera

For the Photographer

Full featured, compact 20MP dive camera. DSLR-like imaging results, jpeg and RAW formatting, and a waterproof inner camera make this one of the most versitle compact digital cameras on the market today. Accessories are available to expand your horizons, including macro and wide-angle lenses, lights, and strobes. 

Ocean First Education Course

For the Budding Marine Biologist

Give the gift of education! Choose from a variety of short courses about incredible marine creatures, unique ocean ecosystems, the foundations of marine ecology, ocean literacy, our impact on the ocean, and many more. Visit Ocean First Education


Experience Gifts

If you know someone who likes pushing themselves, loves the ocean, and wants to travel with minimal gear, freediving lessons might be the perfect gift!

GoPro HERO8 Black

For the Photographer

GoPro's newest camera is at Ocean First! Top features include improved image stabilization, HyperSmooth 2.0 + boost, TimeWarp 2.0, slo-Mo, built in mounting capabilities, live burst shots and more. The HERO8 is still tiny and totally waterproof (up to 33ft, scuba supersuit sold separately) so it can go wherever you do. An intuitive touch screen makes it simple to get great shots. Just swipe and tap. Use the photo timer to grab a sweet selfie.

Outlaw & Rogue BCDs

For the Travel Addict

If you know an experienced travel diver who wants to own dive gear but is afraid of extra baggage fees, this BCD will change their mind. The Rogue is a full-feature BCD weighing in at around 6lbs, while the Outlaw is a slimmed down ultra-light BCD weighing in under 4lbs. Both have the ability to customize the fit of every part of the system, meaning you get a BCD constructed for your exact needs.


For the Travel Addict

Durable luggage is key when traveling with scuba gear. Don’t let the baggage handlers ruin your vacation. Our selection of bags were picked for their durability, style, and attention to the needs of divers.

Sea to Summit Travel Accessories

For the Travel Addict

Sea To Summit has travel accessories down to a science. Browse our display, full of lightweight packing essentials, travel pillows and bags, power adaptors, and more. Even the most equipped travelers drool over the selection.

i100 Wrist Dive Computer

Ocean First Essentials

"Uncomplicated and effortless approach." This computer is great for the new diver or the experienced diver who wants a no-brainer back-up.

Coral Safe Sunscreen

Gifts Under $50!

Mexitan's Coral Safe Sunscreen is reef safe, contains no chemicals, and is accepted at even the most strict resorts with sunscreen regulations. Ask our staff how to best apply this type of sunscreen. 

Continuing Education

Experience Gifts are Waste-Free!

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a new diver everyone can improve their game by continuing to learn. We offer many specialties that are non-dive as well as dive based from Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy, Photo, Navigation and Stress & Rescue.

Club Aquarius Membership

Ocean First Essentials

The membership program for divers who want to save money while getting more involved. Memberships include unlimited pool sessions, discounts on equipment servicing and gear inspections, a free Try Scuba for a friend, and an Ocean First shirt!

Support Ocean First Institute

Waste-Free & Philanthropic

Looking to minimalize your material things? Spread some holiday cheer this year with a donation to Ocean First Institute. Your donation helps them achieve their mission of creating passionate, knowledgeable and globally active ocean stewards. Donate Here. 



Zuma BCD

For the New Diver

Having trouble finding a BCD that fits small kids?  Want a super light weight travel BCD that adjusts as they grow?  The Zuma comes in an XXS/S, M/L and L/XL sizes for all your needs.  The smallest size fits kids who weigh as little as 60lbs!