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Want to surpise the ocean-lover in your life but don't know where to start? Browse our gift guide for some great ideas and visit Ocean First to see our full retail selection.

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Ocean First Essentials

Reefsavers are an essential multipurpose dive tool: stabilize yourself to capture the perfect shot without harming the reef, point to critters without coming too close, and bang on your tank to alert your dive buddy.

Microfiber Towel

Ocean First Essentials

Microfiber Towels are every traveler’s favorite accessory. Use them to dry off quickly, shade yourself from the sun, sit on the sand… and when you are done they dry quickly and fold up to the size of a t-shirt.

Fish ID Cards

Ocean First Essentials

Turn “Did you see that redish-orange fish with the spiky fins and big eyes” into “I saw tons of squirrelfish on that dive!” with fish ID cards. You can even bring them underwater with you. Or go digital with a Fish ID course from Ocean First Education

Dry Bags

Ocean First Essentials

Dive boats are notoriously wet; don’t just shove your phone, wallet, and electronics in the bottom of your backpack and hope for the best. Dry bags come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so everyone can be happy and dry.  

Club Aquarius Membership

Ocean First Essentials

The membership program for divers who want to save money while getting more involved. Memberships include unlimited pool sessions, discounts on equipment servicing and gear inspections, a free Try Scuba for a friend, and an Ocean First shirt!

GoBe S500 dive light

For the New Diver

The ultimate waterproof flashlight, ideal for growing with the new diver. Use underwater as well as topside without risk of overheating. Rechargeable. Lights bring color back into the reefs and allow for some amazing night diving.  

Signal Marker Buoy (SMB)

For the New Diver

For many, safety is the number one concern when diving. During decompression stops or to signal your dive boat, inflate the SMB underwater and it will float to the surface, making your location clear and your ascent safe.

Squeeze Loc Dive Knife

For the New Diver

Fulfill your fantasy of looking like Bond while carrying a practical dive tool. Dive knives are useful for cutting fishing line, untangling from kelp forests, or banging on your tank to get your buddy’s attention.

Sharkskin Climate Control Shirt

For the New Diver

Sharkskins are one of the most versatile articles of clothing a diver can own. Wear it as a wind barrier on the boat, as a more durable rashguard, or under your wetsuit for added warmth. Water wicking fleece means it drys fast and keeps you warm.


For the New Diver

When you are underwater, the unfamiliar landscape, currents, and marine life abound can make it difficult to orient yourself. All divers should own a compass and know the basics of navigation to stay safe and oriented when you dive.

SeaLife Micro HD Camera

For the Photographer

This camera is the ultimate introduction to underwater photography: 16gb internal memory, large buttons, 13MP still images, full 1080p HD video and a built-in 140-degree Fisheye Lens. Best of all, it is impossible to flood!

GoPro HERO5 Black or Session

For the Photographer

GoPro has upped the ante again with their new line of HERO5 cameras. Voice control, new casing, improved navigation, back display, and image stabilization make this the go-to camera for capturing the action in your life.

Sidekick Light

For the Photographer

A major key to good photos and video underwater is light light and more light. Sidekick lights are designed to attach to your GoPro, making your footage as vibrant as you remember it.

GoBe Action Camera Kit

For the Photographer

Two powerful underwater lights, arms, mounts, and an action camera tray transform desaturated underwater video footage into impressively vibrant, high definition imagery. Fits GoPros and most action cameras.

Travel Fish ID Book

For the Photographer

When you want to get serious about identifying the critters you captured in high definition, a Fish ID card won’t cut it. Fish ID books are sold by geographic region and are a fun way to impress your friends with your knowledge of sea life.

Ocean First Education Course

For the Budding Marine Biologist

Give the gift of education! Choose from a variety of short courses about incredible marine creatures, unique ocean ecosystems, the foundations of marine ecology, ocean literacy, our impact on the ocean, and many more. Visit Ocean First Education

Zuma Travel BCD

For the Travel Addict

If you know a diver who wants to own dive gear but is afraid of extra baggage fees, this BCD will change their mind. Weighing in at 4.75 pounds, this ultra lightweight BCD doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Sea to Summit Travel Accessories

For the Travel Addict

Sea To Summit has travel accessories down to a science. Browse our display, full of lightweight packing essentials, travel pillows and bags, power adaptors, and more. Even the most equipped travelers drool over the selection.

Re-Fuel Power Banks

For the Travel Addict

Think of it as a wall outlet that fits in the palm of your hand! Made for the adventurer who is always on the move and needs their devices to keep up with their pace. Anyone expecting a long day of travel can’t go without one of these.

Waterproof Travel Speaker

For the Travel Addict

Take your music along for the adventure. Bluetooth connection, up to 8 hours of playtime, light enough to carry with you on the go, and built like a rock to withstand almost anything you can throw at it (including water).

D6i/D4i or Vyper Novo Wrist Computer

For the Travel Addict

When considering what computer to invest in, think about the time you will be spending topside on your dive trip. Some dive computers are too big to wear around town, but the D4i, D6i, and Vyper Novos are powerful computers that are stylish enough for a night out.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

For the Conservation-Minded

Unlike chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens are biodegradable and do not expose reefs to potentially harmful chemicals. Goes on clear like regular sunscreen. Stay sun-safe while protecting our precious natural resources! 


Support Ocean First Institute

For the Philanthropic

Looking to minimalize your material things? Spread some holiday cheer this year with a donation to Ocean First Institute. Your donation helps them achieve their mission of creating passionate, knowledgeable and globally active ocean stewards. Donate Here. 



Snorkeling Kit

For the Seafaring Family

Know someone who will be visiting the ocean but won’t go below 10ft underwater? We sell snorkeling packages that include snorkeling masks, fins, and snorkels for both children and adults, so they can avoid renting questionable used equipment while staying within budget.