After your mask, fins, and snorkel, a dive computer should be next on your shopping list. Computers monitor your depth, how long you have been underwater, and how much longer you can safely stay underwater. Some models also include digital compasses and the ability to keep track of your air consumption via a hose or a wireless transmitter. Most dive centers do not have computers to rent, and if you do find rental units it generally isn’t a good idea to try to learn the interface moments before diving in. By owning a computer, you are able to learn how to use it and will ultimately be much safer underwater. When you are purchasing your computer, consider what types of air mixes you think you will be diving with, the user friendliness of the interface, the type of information that you would like displayed, and if you want something that can be stylishly worn while not diving. Many computers come in a variety of color options.

Below is the selection of dive computers we have available for purchase at our facility. Stop by and our retail specialists will be happy to answer any questions. We are able to make special orders if we do not have the exact product you are looking for. If you are not able to come into Ocean First, give us a call at 303.444.7234 to place an order over the phone.

AquaLung i100 Wrist


Entry level pricing does not mean this computer lacks features!  With four operating modes, one-button navigation, user changeable batteries and audible alarms you will be set for years to come.

AquaLung i300c Wrist


Uncomplicated is the name of the game with this computer.  Easy-to-use interface, flexible operating modes, user-changeable battery, built-in back light, and water activation make this computer great for all divers.  

Suunto Zoop Novo Wrist


Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need: easy to understand key dive data, a large and bright backlit display, full decompression capabilities, and five dive modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off).

Suunto Vyper Novo Lite


Monitor your tank pressure and air consumption from your wrist. Features a 3-D compass, 5 modes (freedive, air, nitrox, gauge, and off), and a backlit display. Optional wireless air integration via the Suunto Wireless Transmitter.  Optional USB download cable.

AquaLung i200c Wrist


This small computer packs a punch!  User Changeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and user updatable software are just the beginning.  With Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Freediving modes you'll have all your bases covered!

Suunto Wireless Transmitter


The Suunto Wireless tank pressure transmitter gives you current tank pressure and remaining air time with just a glance at your wrist. Before your dive, simply pair the transmitter with any Suunto air-integrated dive computers (except Suunto EON Steel).

Mares Smart Wrist Computer


The Mares Smart Wrist Computer is one of the most intuitive wrist computers on the market today, with an effective screen layout and simplistic two-button design. Includes air, nitrox and freedive modes, as well as wrist watch features. 

AquaLung i300c 2-Gauge Console


The i300 console includes the already mentioned i300c computer but in a console style with included pressure gauge.  This all in one unit will be diving with you for years to come.

Suunto POD


The Suunto POD gives you current tank pressure and remaining air time with just a glance at your wrist. Before your dive, simply pair the transmitter with the Suunto Eon Steel, Eon Core, or D5 computer.

Suunto Zoop Novo 2-Gauge Console


Same great features as the Zoop Novo Wrist but in a console with pressure gauge. You can even add a compass later on. This is a great entry level or back-up computer with Nitrox capability.

Suunto D4i Silicone


The Suunto D4i comes with an all-new soft, comfortable silicone strap for that perfect fit. Lightweight and packed with handy features like freedive mode and optional wireless air integration, it’s got everything you need – wherever your diving may take you. Optional wireless air integration via the Suunto Wireless Transmitter.  Optional USB download cable. Color options: lime, pink, grey, white, blue.

Suunto Cobra 3 w/ QD and USB


Suunto Cobra3 is an all-in-one console-mounted dive computer. It features air-integration, quick disconnect, USB charging, an electronic 3D compass, an easy-to-read matrix display, and simplified four-button operation.

Suunto D5

Starting at $879.95

Suunto's newest computer fits all of the technology of the Core into a watch size! Fully customizable and crystal clear colored LED screen, POD transmitter technology, rechargeable battery, and a 360° digital compass are just some of its many great features.

Suunto Eon Core


This is the recreational version of the Eon Steel in a more compact size with several color options. Made to use with POD transmitter technology, this customizable, user chargeable, color LED wrist computer is perfect for anyone!

Suunto D6i Novo


Suunto D6i Novo is the wrist dive computer of choice for those who take their diving seriously. Features like the tilt-compensated 3D compass and optional wireless air integration make it invaluable in situations where other people rely on your diving skills. Optional wireless air integration via the Suunto Wireless Transmitter.  Optional USB download cable.

Atomic Cobalt 2


The Atomic Cobalt 2 is a supercharged dive computer with a powerful microprocessor and easy-to-master advanced user functions. Features a built-in 3D compass and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Suunto Eon Steel


The intuitive Suunto EON Steel combines advanced technology with a bright color screen and customizable features and display to show clearly what you need. With heavy-duty housing, a stainless steel bezel, and user updatable software, Suunto EON Steel will dive with you for years to come.