Does my BCD need to get serviced, too?

Yes, an annual BCD service ensures everything is in proper and safe working condition. It includes disassembly, inside and outside cleaning of the BCD, including the power inflator and dump valves, examination of all straps and releases, and a comprehensive leak test.

How long does a full annual regulator service take?

Our annual regulator service takes approximately two weeks depending on the condition of your regulator and manufacturer shipping times. We offer a rushed regulator service for those needing a quicker turn around.

How often should I have my gear serviced?

Your scuba equipment should be serviced every 12 months, per manufacturer recommendations. This annual schedule is important to adhere to even if your regulator has only been on a few dives since its last service.  Depending on the manufacturer's warranty, an annual service may also be required to keep your equipment under warranty.

What does an annual regulator service include?

Regulator service includes complete disassembly of all stages, followed by degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts.  Your regulator is then reassembled per manufacturer specifications using only authorized parts and service kits. We then test your regulator on our flowbench for inhalation and exhalation resistance and interstate pressure and adjust as needed. Lastly, your regulator undergoes a leak test and is taken on a simulated dive to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Our regulator service includes a complimentary one hour session in our heated dive pool to make sure everything is adjusted to your liking.