Light & Motion Gobe/Sola Info


  • While the battery compartment is sealed and you don't have to worry about leaking thru that opening the light can still flood thru the light head.
  • Please make sure that every time you dive the head is screwed down so the o-ring has a good seal.  Even new lights may have slightly loosened due to shipping and altitude changes.  
  • If you travel with your lights on airplanes you may want to loosen the light head before flying so the pressure change doesn't prevent you from changing heads while on your trip....make sure to tighten them up again when you get there!
SOS MODE (GoBe S and GoBe lights):  Flashes S.O.S and then goes blank for about 2 seconds then flashes S.O.S again and continues that cycle.
  • To get into the SOS mode, you press and hold the power button for 2 seconds (or until the main light ignites). Once it ignites it is in the “Extended Mode” which shines at 6% of the high lumen count (for a 500 that would be 30 lumens), from the Extended Mode, press the power button once (don’t hold) and that will get it into SOS. To get out of the SOS press and hold the power button as usual.
  • This prevents the power button from turning the light on when in transit.  The new S lights don't have a lock switch on the bottom but it is now built into the button that turns the lights on/off.
  • For lockout mode on the new GoBe S, you press and hold the power button for 4 seconds (or until the indicator light blinks red 3 times). When you are going into the  lockout mode on the S model, the main light does ignite briefly in Extended Mode (see above) then seconds later goes into the lockout.  
  • To get out of the lockout mode, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds (or until the indicator light blinks green 3 times).  A default way to get it out of the lockout mode is to attach it to the charger and plug it in for charging.
  • Until you take it out of the lockout mode each time you lightly push the power button the red light will flash and the light will not turn on.  This will make you think that the battery isn't charged and the light isn't working.

For more information on the different GoBe modes, see this article. 

CHARGING your GoBe/Sola: 

  • You should always store your GoBe and/or Sola light charged at the end of a trip because the batteries may drain so much that initiating the next charge may take a bit more effort.
  • If you discover that your light has lost its charge in storage and will not take a charge from the USB connected to your computer try using a block connected to your wall outlet where the voltage is greater than on the computer.
  • If the wall outlet doesn't initially start charging your light you may have to "jump start" the charge by tapping the plugged in charger to your light up to ten quick times.  This will alert the battery that you want it to wake up and take the charge....just like revving the car engine when charging a dead car battery!

TRAVELING with GoBe/Sola lights: 

  • These lights have sealed battery compartments that some airlines don't like us to bring into the main cabin of the airplane or transport fully assembled.  See "Traveling with your Light" article for help. 
  • Download a product info sheet to carry with you to keep security from opening your light.