Explore the underwater world on a single breath! Freediving is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. Imagine moving effortlessly through the underwater world, unencumbered by heavy or awkward gear. Whether you’re interested in exploring coral reefs, swimming with whales, or considering its competitive aspects, freediving is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Read about why our freedive instructor fell in love with the sport on our blog.

Our introductory course, Level 1 Freediving, will introduce you to the world of apnea and through a combination of classroom training and pool-based experiences, will give you the essential skills needed to freedive safely and confidently.

Level 1 Freediving includes three nights of classroom and pool training at our facility, and two open water training sessions, which can be conducted at the Blue Hole over two days.

Contact us today to learn more about Freediving, and view upcoming classes and clinics on our calendar. If you are interested in joining the Freediving community, our instructors run a Facebook page to coordinate freediving meetups, practice nights, clinics, and trips.

Freediving Clinics:

We host a freediving skills clinic on the third Saturday of every month from 6-8pm. View upcoming dates on our calendar page. Each clinic is designed to help freedivers fine-tune their skills and learn new techniques and concepts emerging in the sport.  These are for certified freedivers unless otherwise specified.  Follow our Freediving Facebook page for info about upcoming clinic topics. The drop-in cost is $20, or become a Freediving Club Member for $100/year (includes access to all clinics and a T-shirt).  

Example Clinic Topics: (See our calendar page for upcoming dates and topics)

Equalization:  We will discuss common problems, safety considerations, techniques and exercises that will help improve the equalization of your ears no matter what depth you are pursuing!

Dynamic Training:  Pool dynamics are one of the best ways to condition your body for open water diving. Come refresh your skills, refine your finning technique, and build CO2 tolerance!  

Extended Breath Hold Techniques (Part 1):  In part 1 of this special 2-month topic, we'll discuss relaxation techniques, static coaching, and training tables designed to increase your max breath hold!  Participants will come away with a 4-week training schedule in preparation for Part 2.

Extended Breath Hold Techniques (Part 2):  In part 2 of this special 2-month topic, participants will have the opportunity to test their new max breath hold after applying the previous month's training.  In addition, advanced breath up and training exercises will be introduced for those wanting to really explore their limits!

Dynamic No Fins (DNF):  Diving with no fins is the purest form of freediving!  Learn and practice the technique with dynamic swims in the pool after classroom tutorials.  Video feedback available.  

Competitive Freediving:  Learn about what it takes to be a freediving competitor!  This topic includes video clips of US athletes diving in recent competitions and a brief overview of the agencies that govern records and set competition rules.  Followed by a fun, ‘competition’ style pool session.