Bruce Penner

Instructor, Service

Bruce grew up on the West Coast but didn’t start diving until moving to Colorado 13 years ago.  He became a dive professional in 2010 and an assistant instructor at Ocean First in April of 2011.  His favorite destinations are Hawaii, Cozumel, Curacao, the Caymans and Costa Rica. Besides diving and rocket science, Bruce enjoys cycling, running, hiking in the mountains, playing guitar, and flying.

Bruce Goodwin

Instructor, Service

Bruce's love for the water started with snorkeling in lakes in New Jersey. Thirty years later he earned his certification and was hooked.  He has been teaching diving professionally since 1995 and is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and a service technician.  Bruce enjoys taking underwater video and can be frequently found diving Carter Lake and Chatfield Reservoir. 

Gary Boyer

Instructor, Rebreather, Service

Gary earned his Open Water Diver certification in late 1997 and became an Open Water Instructor in 2011. He has enjoyed diving all over the Caribbean, South Pacific, Atlantic and Western Australia, as well as many local lakes, reservoirs and artisan springs. When not teaching or diving, he enjoys boating, water skiing, snow skiing, motorcycle touring, underwater photography and taking and developing his own black & white photography. 

Dave Sturtz


Dave became scuba certified at Ocean First in 2002 and an instructor in 2011. He loves diving in Costa Rica, Maui, Bonaire, Roatan, Cozumel, Baja, and Fiji as well as sharing his love of the underwater world with his family.  Dave also enjoys camping, rafting, skiing, biking, and volunteering with the local fire department.

Andrew Heath


Andrew is originally from England and learned to dive in the chilly waters surrounding the UK. He soon decided that he preferred the temperate waters of the tropics and embarked on dive expeditions to the Red Sea, Southeast Asia, Caribbean and Australia. Andrew received his open water certification over 15 years ago and completed his professional training with Ocean First in 2007.  

Kathy Gagliardo

Retail Associate, Buyer, Instructor

Kathy joined the Ocean First team in 1998 and became a scuba instructor the following year.  She has been diving all over the world, including Fiji, Belize, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, Roatan Honduras, and Curacao plus local diving at Carter Lake and Chattfield Reservoir.  Along with teaching, Kathy is also the Buyer at Ocean First and leads many of our dive trips.  In her spare time, you can find her feeding and caring for the animals at Colorado’s Ocean Journey. 

Matt Carr

Instructor, Service

A Longmont, Colorado native, Matt became dive certified in 2002 and quickly went on to achieve his Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certifications. He has also completed his Dive Guide, Divemaster, Dive Control Specialist, and Instructor ratings.  Matt’s favorite places to dive include Belize, Honduras, Cancun and Cozumel. Matt is an avid fan of Colorado professional athletic teams and enjoys spending time with his family. 

Bryan Muscutt

Instructor, Service

Bryan has been diving and teaching for many years in places such as Puerto Vallarta, the beautiful kelp forests of the Channel Islands, and the Pacific Northwest.  He has accumulated 1000's of dry suit dives and has been lucky enough to travel to many tropical locations. Bryan also works an EMT at Jefferson County Jail, enjoys skiing, hiking the local hot spots, or cooking many of his favorite vegan dishes.

Curtis May

Instructor, Service

Curtis has been a diving since college and became an instructor shortly after.  He has taught in beautiful locations, including St. Thomas, Maui, and aboard a cruise ship.  Curtis currently works in Healthcare Advisory with experience in Critical Care, Emergency and Transports as a Registered Nurse. When he is not teaching or traveling, he enjoys hiking, skiing, biking and camping in the outdoors of Colorado.

Tony Fern√°ndez


Tony was dive certified in 1970 and was able to dive in Bermuda, California, Florida and the Persian Gulf during his thirty-year aviation career. He became an instructor in 2007 and is making up for lost time with recent dive trips to Indonesia, Costa Rica (Cocos Island is his favorite), Palau and Yap, Bonaire, the Maldives and the Galapagos Islands. Tony is an avid underwater photographer and often shares his beautiful photographs with students during class. 

Roger Young

Director of Training

Roger first became interested in scuba diving while watching the 50's television program "Sea Hunt.”  He  became dive certified in 1985 while on vacation in the Caribbean and has been teaching since 2001.  Roger is also a certified Alpine Ski Instructor and avid high altitude mountaineer.

Dan Goldan


Dan was scuba certified in 1991 and became a Public Safety Diver with the local Boulder Emergency Squad's Dive Rescue Team. In 1997 he became a Public Safety Scuba Instructor and in 2008 an SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor. Dan is an instructor for PADI, NASE and SSI as well as a Corporate Trainer for Dive Rescue Int’l. Dan's full-time job is a firefighter at the rank of Captain with South Metro Fire Rescue and he also runs the Water Rescue Group for the Boulder Emergency Squad. 

Jonathan Stanley


Jonathan became a Divemaster in 1993 while on his second tour in the U.S. Army and stationed in Hawaii.  He became a PADI Instructor and taught extensively for the next three years in Hawaii.  Jonathan started teaching again in 2008 at Ocean First and specializes in recreational diving with numerous Specialty ratings, logging more than 3,500 dives to date. When not working or teaching, Jonathan enjoys diving, skiing, mountain biking, technical climbing, hiking and traveling the world with his family and friends. 

Lauren Pacheco

Swim School Director, Instructor

Growing up in Arvada, Lauren developed a love for water, despite living in a land-locked state. At age seven she was recruited from swim lessons class to join North Jeffco Swim Team; the rest is history. Since then, Lauren's free time, including summer vacations revolved around pools. Her passion for water developed into a love for the ocean and conservation when she spent a semester in Bonaire. She later spent a year learning different teaching techniques and completed her divemaster certification while living in Sydney, Australia. 

Mark Duvall

Instructor, Director of Service & Facilities, Master Service Technician

Mark is a scuba instructor, the Director of Service & Facilites, and Master Service Technician at Ocean First. He has been diving since 1985 and includes Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Roatan, Mexico, and the Caribbean as his favorite destinations to dive. 

Mikeal Jacob


Mikeal was inspired to dive after taking a trip to Roatan in 2008, where he spent most of the days snorkeling the reefs. He received his open water certification later that year and joined the OFD team of instructors in 2011.  He loves doing all things outdoors that Colorado has to offer including snowboarding, fishing, camping, and hiking. 

Nick Beni

Freedive Instructor

Always the adventurer, Nick grew up around the woods of his home in Connecticut. As he grew older, he was hooked on camping, hiking and climbing. On a trip to Australia, he snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef and it was so incredible that he had a hard time taking it all in, form the pelagic fish and giant clams. He now has the best of both words, with the Rocky Mountains in his backyard and having the opportunity to teach freediving. 

Scott Griesser


Scott gained his PADI Dive Master rating by leading trips to the Channel Islands and on California beach dives.  After relocating to Colorado for college, he became an SSI Instructor at Ocean First. Scott can always be found taking advantage of all the state has to offer such as climbing, hiking, skiing and trail riding with his Border Collie, Denali.