Below is the current schedule for the classroom seminars and free pool demos. Remember that you receive an additional raffle ticket for every classroom and pool session you attend! If you are planning on hopping in the pool, make sure that you bring your certification card (except for freediving), a completed medical waiver, and your bathing suit. Pool sessions have limited space, call ahead to ensure your spot.


11:00am Fish ID with Cathy Christopher

Learn how to turn your vocabulary from "that big spotted fish" into "clown triggerfish" and how SSI's marine science courses can make you a better diver. 

12:00pm Packing Light with Kathy Gagliardo

Ever wondered how a person can travel with one bag weighing less than 50lbs that includes their dive gear and clothing for 2 weeks?  We'll get you all set with this informative seminar on light weight equipment solutions and packing strategies. You'll never have to use the excuse of needing two bags again....or paying the overweight fees!

1:00pm SeaLife Cameras with Deborah Gaboro

In the world of big DSLR's there is still a place for the smaller more compact camera set-ups that don't sacrifice quality but give you the freedom of size!  Come on in to learn more about the new 20mp DC2000 camera and lighting options as well as its little brother the Micro 2.0 Wifi fully sealed camera with Deborah, our SeaLife rep.

2:00pm Atomic's new BC1 with Huish rep Lonny Haynes

Atomic Aquatics has entered the BCD scene with a revolutionary design like nothing else on the market. Learn about how the BC1 came to be and the features that make it what they call the best BCD on the market.

3:00pm AquaLung's New Aircore Fusion Drysuits with Colin Ackerman

We all know that the Fusion drysuits are the best drysuits on the market and now AquaLung has upped the ante!  The new Aircore inner breathable liner makes the suit even more comfortable and easier to don than the older version suits.  Come on in and see what makes these suits so special.  Colin Ackerman, our Aqualung rep, will be talking about the features to help you determine if this suit is for you!



10:00am Freediving with Kellon Spencer

Learn why freediving is the fastest growing aquatic sport in the world and what makes diving down on one breath so addicting!

11:00am Dive Training Pathways with Roger Young & Pat Dunn

Whether for your own personal development or to start a whole new career, becoming a SSI dive professional is a very gratifying and transformative experience. Learn about how Ocean First can help launch your pro career. 

12:00pm AquaLung's New Outlaw BCD with Colin Ackerman

Are you an experienced diver and love the Zuma BCD but you want a system that is even more trimmed down or want a Zuma but don't fit into it?  AquaLung has the solution for you with its new Outlaw BCD!  Due to it's modular connection system it can be converted to at least 27 different size configurations. Our AquaLung rep, Colin Ackerman, will go over the features and benefits as well as fit you to the perfect unit. We will be taking pre-orders at the party for these unique BCD's!

1:00pm Why you should try Ocean First Travel with Amy Christopher

Travel to exotic destinations and make life-long friends.. all without having to do much more than get to the airport. See where Ocean First can take you in 2017, 2018 and 2019! Presented by our director of travel, Amy Christopher!

2:00pm Video Editing with Klara Fejer

Learn how to turn hours of footage into something exciting to share with your friends. 

3:00pm How to Become a Dive Ambassador and a Master Diver with Scott Griesser

At Ocean First we are always looking for help from our most enthusiastic divers. In this seminar you will not only learn about what it takes to earn one of the most elite ratings in diving today, The Master Diver, but also how to become an Ocean First Ambassador. As an Ambassador you will be joining a family of passionate divers who care about making a positive impact environmental impact while having fun doing so.


FREE POOL DEMOS (call ahead to secure a spot)

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