The Ocean First Explorers Club

By OceanFirst on 9/13/16

One of many ways that Ocean First Institute works to connect students to the ocean is through their Ocean First Explorers Club program. The Ocean First Explorers Club is a program that gives 4th-12th grade students who have a passion for nature and conservation the opportunity to learn about the marine environment and how to become better stewards for the ocean.

The program meets monthly to learn about a specific ocean topic through hands on activities and engaging presentations. Last semester’s focus was all about marine pollution. Students were empowered to make a positive change by learning about the topic in super fun ways: they got to make ocean friendly soap from scratch, dissect real albatross boluses, and even create their own art from plastic debris.  

Learn more about the program and why we should all care about marine pollution on Ocean First Institute’s website, and check out the Explorers Club video above.

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