Staff Retreat to Lake Powell

By OceanFirst on 9/20/16

A trip report by Kathryn Foster

Screen-Shot-2016-09-21-at-11-59-26-AM.pngOver Labor Day weekend, our staff went on an amazing trip to Lake Powell, Utah.  Most of us had never been there but we were excited to hear that according to Graham, our fearless leader, it would be an unforgettable time. Oh, was he right.

The staff split into two cars for the 7.5 hour drive into Bullfrog Marina, with Lauren and I’s car opting to drive in at night, camp on a dirt road on the border of Colorado and Utah, and continue the drive in the morning. Sleeping without a tent made it a mildly stressful night of worrying about snakes and rain but we made it out alive!. Lauren adopted the role of camp counselor, and created roadtrip goodie bags for each of the cars, so the drive was endlessly entertaining.

The final goodie bag gift was captains hats for everyone, which we donned as we drove into the marina of the beautiful lake and its towering canyons, greeted by the captain himself, Graham. We boarded the boat and two jet skis and headed off to our hidden campsite in a nook of the canyon. The rest of the day was spent setting up camp, touring the canyon, and trying our skills at wakeboarding. Some of the staff have real natural talent!

Screen-Shot-2016-09-21-at-12-00-57-PM.pngOver the course of the weekend, we were faced with short and violent bursts of stormy weather, and with each blast we were more prepared than the last. Or so we thought. On day two, a storm of epic proportions hit us out of nowhere, sending our shade tents rolling across the rocky shore, along with anything that wasn’t tucked away in our tent. It looked like a natural disaster had hit camp. As the hail kicked in, we dismantled the tent and ran for cover. Our marketing director, always keen on documenting, grabbed the GoPro and captured some great footage of the excitement. The storm lifted as quickly as it came, and we spent the hours afterwards piecing together camp and laughing about our individual tales.


With a jet ski out of commission (cough cough Jess and Lauren) and the weather creating a lot of chop, we didn’t get to do as much exploring as we wished; instead, we found our own close-by fun. We boated over to a nearby cliff jumping spot, where each of us found our height of choice and dove into the water one after the other. A group took the leisurely route home and tubed with the current back to camp.

No one got bored with the amount of activities at our disposal. Michael tried to find some good spots for free soloing, but the soft sand-rock wasn’t quite ready for him! Sierra got to try wakeboarding for the first time, and after succeeding in getting up she was hooked! And Jenny started our nights off with awesome campfire games that lasted the entire weekend. Some of the gals partook in some acro yoga and danced around in the starlight.  And others played land and water games, fueled by their competitive nature.

We all thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the sun and the water time. And most importantly, Graham was right: We had some serious bonding time and all left Lake Powell with stories that will stay with us forever!


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