Free Webinar About Finding a Career in Marine Science

By OceanFirst on 9/11/16


Free webinar on Sep 22nd at 10:00 am MST. Ocean First Education's Dr. Caine Delacy will be discussing how to convert a love of marine science into a career. 

"There are no jobs!" It's a common reply our young, adventurous and inspiring youth hear when they say they want to pursue a career in marine biology. That couldn't be further from the truth. As a marine biologist, and having heard those words in my early teens, I was determined to follow my instinct and pursue this career path. Now 15 years in, I want to share how I got here, what I have learned along the way, and I'd like to offer some advice regarding how you can forge your own path into the marine sciences.

While it may be unclear early on, there is an ever-widening job arena for people pursuing careers related to the ocean. While Sea World might have attracted your attention, there is more, lots more, out there.

From academia to research, consultancy, and conservation the diverse fields that exist within the broad category of marine biology is almost limitless.

Join me as I discuss my career path in marine biology and that of others, and help teachers, students and parents understand what the career means and what the job prospects really are.

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