2020 OFtoberfest: The Ocean First Annual Sales Event

By Ingrid on 10/4/20


Our Ocean First fall sale event is here for 4 days!

Save the date for deals on training materials, manufacturer discounts on equipment, up to 40% off on equipment unless otherwise marked, and huge savings on used gear!

Call our store or come in and visit to take advantage of these incredible deals.

General Info:

  • It will be held October 21st-24th during normal store hours.
  • Customers can request curb-side pick-up of their orders.
  • The entire sale will be held indoors, and will be spaced out over 4 days, to allow for small groups of people. Making appointments to shop is encouraged, if customers want to.
  • Customers can also shop via facetime or zoom, if they do not want to come in to the store. Just call the store and the sales associate can set it up on our end.
  • Floor capacity will be capped at 25 including staff.

Training Promos:

Digital Materials only (does not include tuition):

  •  Master Diver Bundle: $275.00 (normally $395)
    • Includes: any 4 digital specialty kits
  • Ecology Bundle: $250.00 - all 6 (normally $375)
    • Includes: Marine, Shark, Coral, Fish, Turtle, Manta & Ray

Free Diving Promo - Level 1

  • Bring a buddy get 50% off - First person pays in full, second person (in the same co-vid bubble) gets 50% off. Can be applied for pool free-diver or entire course but they must sign up for the OW dives at the same time as the pool in order to receive discount on the OW dives. They also must sign up for the same certification (pool or OW).\
  •  Normally $310 for the class/pool + materials or $490 for the class/pool, materials + OW dives.  Savings of $155 if they just do the class/pool & materials or $245 if they do the class/pool, materials and OW dives

Equipment Promos:

General Manufacturer Discounts:

  • Suunto: Buy a Eon Core & Pod together at the same time and pay only $849.95.  (Normally $1369.90)

Travel Package - $1089 (full retail is $1622.00)

  • Includes: Mikron or Core Regulator, i300c 2-Gauge Computer, ABS octo, Zuma travel BCD.  Only includes items listed, no accessories (extra hose protectors, octo holder, gauge clip/retractor, trim weight pouches, etc).  No substitutions other than Core/Mikron. Students CAN NOT use their $100 off on this one.


Everything is 10% off unless otherwise marked.  We are happy to take orders for stock we have run out of and give the discount associated as long as the item isn’t designated as “in-stock only”.  Many discounts are “in-stock only” because either the items are discontinued with the MFR or we are trying to blow them out.

  • All Regular Equipment Pkgs: Additional 5% off.
    • Open Water System: Save an extra $26
    • Basic Travel System: Save an extra $97.10
    • Adventure System: Save an extra $130.55
    • Ultra System: Save an extra $173.10
    • Freediving System: Save an extra $11.20
    • Scuba Rangers:  Save an extra 5%
  • Rash Guards up to 30% off 
    • AquaLung are 30% off (in-stock only)
    • All others 10% off
  • Cameras up to 20% off
    • All DC200 cameras and accessories will be 20% Off
    • GoPro accessories are 25% off.
    • BackScatter Accessories 10% off
    • Customers can pre-order the New Micro 3.0 for 10% off
  • FreeDiving Wetsuits up to 40% off
    • Apnea Infinity 30 Steamers 40% off (no special orders for the 40% off, 20% off ok for new orders).
    • All others 20% off
  • Wetsuits up to 20% off
    • Current Wetsuits 20% off 
  • Layering options up to 20% off
    • Hoods & gloves 20% off. 
    • 4th Element & Bare 20% off
  • Computers 10% off
    • All computers 10% off (besides the Core/POD promo)
  • BCD’s 10% off
  • Regulators 10% off
  • Sunglasses  20% off
  • Snorkeling Sets up to 20% off (these can potentially be ordered but no guarantees)
    • Admiral 20% off
    • Diva LX 20% off
    • AQ Kids 20% off
  • Fins:  Up to 40% off.
    • Atomic Blade Fins 40% off (in-stock only). 
    • HotShot Fins 20% off
    • Trek Travel Fins 20% off
    • All other fins 10% off. 
  • Boots up to 40% off-
    • AquaPurge Low cut boots- 40% off (in-stock only)
  • Bags: 20% off
  • Deep Discount Rack and Bins up to 50% off!
    • Prices as marked. Includes: masks, fins, rash guards, wetsuits
  • Ocean First Branded Merchandise
    • Old OF shirts 50% off .
    • New and Current OF Branded Merchandise 10% off

Used Gear:  We have 5 Wave BCD’s (1 xs, 2 small, 2 Medium) and 5 regulator sets to sell.  The used regulator sold for $650 at the summer party and we are listing it for an additional $100 off for Oftoberfest!

  • Used Wave BCD’s w/ standard inflators  $200
    • cost: 151.60, normally $379, Savings of $179  
  • Used Core/Zoop Regulator Sets (Core Regulator, Zoop 2-Gague Console, ABS octo, inflator hose) $550
    • cost $416.03, Normal Retail $1113.95, Savings of $563.95       
  • Used Wave BCD w/ Used Core/Zoop Reg Set $700
    • cost $567.63, Normal Retail  $1492.95, Savings of $792.95      

***Customers cannot purchase “installed” AirSource 3’s with the used BCD’s.  They have to purchase completes as they won’t have a new inflator to trade-in.

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