Ocean First in St. Lucia 2016

By OceanFirst on 10/6/16

This September a group of divers, led by the ever-amazing Mark Duvall, ventured to the mountainous Caribbean paradise known as St. Lucia. September marks the beginning of low season, so while the weather was perfect, crowds were nowhere to be seen. After a drive up the windy roads and through the jungle, the group arrived at their secluded hillside resort: Anse Chastanet.

Screen-Shot-2016-10-07-at-4-06-07-PM-(1).pngThe accommodations were nothing short of fabulous, and our leader Mark was surprised to find his room had the only private pool on the property (can you say “pool party”?!). The food at the resort was stellar, including a 10-course meal and chocolate dessert that was harvested straight from the resort’s cacao plantation. Katie and Dustin took the opportunity to tour the factory and make their own chocolate during their stay.

Diving in St. Lucia is easy and rewarding. The group was able to fit in two night shore dives and three day shore dives, where the house reef is a quick drop-off with all of the life you could desire: eels, crabs, shrimp, juvenile drums, and “the thing”: a mysterious tubular creature unlike nothing the group had seen before.

img_1292_29192779413_o.jpgThe rest of the diving was by boat, including a site called Superman’s Flight, named both because an original Superman movie scene was filmed nearby and because the swift drift dive makes you feel like Superman. Everyone also enjoyed diving the Lesleen M., a shallow and well-preserved wreck. With some special planning, it was there that Dustin completed his 100th dive!dustin-100_30079781856_o.jpg

In addition to touring the resort’s plantation, the group got to fit in some retail therapy in the small town of Soufriere near the resort, where everyone stocked up on some local rum for their friends and families and took photos near the beautiful stone church. Another evening was spent on a sunset cruise, featuring jazz music, breath-taking views of the island, and a floor of the boat all to the Ocean First family... it felt like a private party!

img_1260_29192779463_o.jpgAt the end of the trip, everyone left with smiles on their faces and great memories in their hearts. Another killer Ocean First trip for the books! 

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