Fall Swim Meet

By OceanFirst on 10/23/16

This October the Ocean First Swim School held our second annual Mock Swim Meet, where our intermediate and advanced level students were given an opportunity to put their swim skills to the test in a fun and semi-competitive environment. The goal of the event is to show our students how a competitive swim meet would work, including how to warm up in lanes with many swimmers, how heats work, and how the rush of competition can feel. The distances in the pool are shorter than a regular meet, and the setting was more intimate than a traditional competition, and the timing was just for fun. Everyone is a winner in our book!

The heats consisted of 50-meter and 100-meter races, with different strokes and formats. All of the swimmers used their flip turns and stroke techniques that we emphasize during class; we love seeing that our lessons are being absorbed and put to use in a real swim setting! Our teachers also used the event as an opportunity to identify specific skills that they should practice with their students more often.

The swim teachers were feeling festive, so they conducted a relay race using pumpkins that the students swam across the pool with while learning how to touch the wall to signal the next swimmer’s turn to go.

We couldn’t be more proud of how well our swimmers did during the swim meet. Those that attended our first event showed themselves to be very comfortable and independent, and the new attendees were quick studies. Everyone was engaged and wanted to push themselves to do their very best. We heard from a few swimmers that they are looking forward to advancing up in their swim level and trying to race in real swim meets.

When discussing how well the students did, our swim team coach Anthony said:

“That just goes to show that what we're trying to achieve is working: kids are learning how a swim competition operates and are showing up to do their best, compete against themselves, and further their swimming career.”


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