Meet your teacher, Kathy!

By OceanFirst on 11/17/16


We want to introduce you to one of our newest teachers, Kathy! She started teaching with us in August and has quickly become a vital part of the team. We asked her some questions to get to know her better:

Where did your love of the water come from?
K: I’ve always loved water as a kid, especially after watching movies like The Little Mermaid and H2O. Every summer I’d visit California and go play at the beach with my family. My interest in swimming really picked up in high school when I joined the local swim team. 

Why do you enjoy teaching swim lessons?
K: I enjoy working with kids, and have found it rewarding when one of them manages to overcome a block and succeed at a skill.

What are you in school for? 
K: I’m currently studying Technology, Arts, and Media at CU. It’s a new major that combines technology with design.

What else do you love to do?
K: I really love to write! It’s a good outlet after a long and stressful day. Creating my own world, putting my characters in it, and seeing them interact in my head is really cool! Especially if I can share it with other people.

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