Our Swim School Has Gone Digital!

By OceanFirst on 4/24/20

Since we can't get in the pool, our staff has been hard at work to bring you great virtual content to keep your mind & bodies moving. Continue to provide your child with swim-related educational content and exercises. We are offering a variety of materials for you and your child: marine science lessons created by Ms Thea and led by Ms. Alex, fun virtual swim practices led by Mr. James, conditioning dryland exercises let by Ms Kathryn. Follow along on our calendar of events to catch family friendly live zoom yoga sessions led my Ms. Kathryn.

These online materials were created and filmed by our knowledgeable staff so you can complete these unique and interactive courses in the comfort of your own home!


Marine Science Program-

Our mission at Ocean First is to create and support a community of ocean enthusiasts who are passionate about learning, exploring and preserving our marine environments. Our love of the ocean is the inspiration for our swim and dive instruction, education, travel, and sustainability. The virtual Marine Science Program is brand new and all of the units are suitable for children ages 4 and up, specifically geared towards 4-9 year olds. We have created this content with the intention of interaction, and encourage adults and children to learn and participate together. 

Check back weekly as we will be adding new courses to keep the content fresh and exciting!

Visit our website for more info


Virtual Swim Lessons-

These fun virtual swim lessons with Mr. James will be roughly 10 minutes long and will include:
➔ Dynamic warmups
➔ A highlighted movement
➔ A few simple, but key drills that will reflect in-water swims

These videos are intended for anyone 3 and up, but do require a decent amount of body control and understanding of the explanation of movements. If your swimmer is younger, you can walk them through the movements and do them together.

Visit our website for more info


Dryland Practice-

These dryland practices with Ms. Kathryn will be roughly 30 minutes long and will include:
➔ Dynamic stretches
➔ Exercise sets
➔ Cool down stretches

These videos are intended for swimmers 5 and up who have some body awareness, with the purpose of being fun and challenging. Adults are encouraged to work with your younger or newer swimmers to make sure they understand each exercise.

Visit our website for more info


Live Yoga-

Join us twice a week as Ms. Kathryn, a 200 RYT yoga instructor, leads us through an online yoga session. These family friendly, all levels classes will include modifications so anyone can join! Live classes will take place via zoom every Wednesday and Friday at noon. Visit our website for more info. 

We want to have content for every swimmer out there. Please continue to let us know what you would like to see by emailing swim@oceanfirst.blue if you are interested in any of the above, or if you have any feedback about what you’d like to see from us.


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