Instructor Highlight: Meet Kim!

By OceanFirst on 3/25/19


Kim joined our crew of incredible scuba instructors back in 2017 and quickly became an invaluable member of the team. In addition to teaching our regular students at Ocean First, she also frequently works with middle and high school students in our TIDES program. It's hard not to have a smile on your face after a conversation with Kim and her students always compliment her on patience and positive energy. Whether Kim is on the surface competing in a swim race or below leading divers, she visibly feels at home in the water. If you want to get some quality time with her as an instructor and dive buddy, join our upcoming Cozumel trip that she is co-leading this October 2019.

We asked Kim a few questions to get to know her better:

Why did you initially want to become open water certified?
I have loved being in the water since I was a baby. I started swimming competitively at age six (and am still racing), I learned to water ski at seven, and from there tried every water sport I could. I got certified in college back in the 80s and love diving! 

What was the coolest thing you have seen underwater?
Recently in Tahiti, some friendly dolphins came up for a belly rub! I feel like every dive is a treasure hunt and you always find some treasure! 

What aspects of being a scuba instructor do you enjoy the most?
I love working with students learning to dive, and especially enjoy it when a student overcomes their fears,  masters scuba skills, and goes on to love my favorite sport. 

What do you tell people who are on the fence about becoming open water certified?
I think a lot of people have preconceptions about the sport. I encourage people who are on the fence to take a Try Scuba class. They are often surprised how misinformed or uninformed they were. After a successful Try Scuba class, they are set up for an excellent certification class. I encourage them to try scuba in the pool before they count it out as a sport they may like. My daughter was one of these people, and now she is my favorite dive buddy!

What is your ocean spirit animal?
It's gotta be a manta ray! I love how they "fly" and play - they look like they are living the dream!





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