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By OceanFirst on 3/23/18

Screen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-10-38-48-AM.pngJenna started teaching for Ocean First in October of 2018. As a previous swim instructor in Windsor, Jenna has adjusted quickly to our instruction through SSI. She is gentle with all of her students and believes in the importance of forming a bond with everyone in her class. She is very creative and loves to have fun with all of her students. She is an inspiring teacher in water and an academic inspiration out of the water. We asked Jenna a few questions to get to know her better:

When did you learn to love the water?

I started swimming on a team when I was seven years old at my community pool and did not stop swimming on a team until about a year ago. I have always been comfortable and happy in the water. I love being in the ocean, on a kayak, in a pool, or with a pair of fins and a snorkel on. I still swim for exercise and am hoping to get my scuba certification soon!

What other water activities do you love to do, if any? 

Most notably, my mom and I bought two paddle boards a few years ago and got really into paddle boarding which I still love to do! I love being near the ocean and I hope to live within walking distance to it someday, but until then I try to find myself at an ocean at least once a year to surf or snorkel.

Why do you love teaching? 

I love teaching because I love learning! Kids always have something insightful to say and I find myself learning from them every time I come to work. Adults tend to think that life is all business and they forget how to relax and be themselves. I love teaching my kids because they are all so honest, funny, brilliant, and proud of who they are. They light up my life and it makes me happy to teach them something useful! Even if they do not remember me, I will for sure remember most of them!

What else do you love to do? 

I am not a person who sits still well so there are a lot of things I LOVE to do. Living in Colorado I am naturally an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy all mountain related activities. I like to spend my summers on the trails either hiking or backpacking! I love to run outside and recently started training for my first marathon (fingers crossed I actually complete it). Beyond being active though, I love to draw, visit art museums all over the world, and travel. I have been lucky enough to have visited Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, France, and Amsterdam and am looking forward to a Nicaragua trip this summer with one of my professors. Summed up, I really just love to learn, whether it is in the classroom, on a trail, or in a new culture/country, I am trying to pack as many meaningful learning experiences as I can into my young life!

What is your dream job?

I am not sure what the title of my dream job would be but I know that I will be doing it when I am excited to go to work every day, I feel I am serving and empowering others, and I can be challenged to learn and grow everyday. 

What is your major in and what do you want to do with it? 

I am a CU student majoring in political science, psychology, and journalism. I am not sure what I want to do with it yet but I am hoping to explore international and political journalism, law, or consulting. I am passionate about equity in education, health, and public policy and would like to pursue an education and then career that supports my growth in those interests.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I have met Bernie Sanders!    

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