My child passed their level, what happens next?

By OceanFirst on 3/20/17


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER! Your child worked extremely hard to successfully meet their class’ requirements! We love to reward our swimmers for their successes, so we give them a colorful class medal to place on an Ocean First Swim carabineer.  Some of our swimmers keep theirs on their swim bags– this way, they get to see all of their accomplishments in one place! Once they receive their medal, we take their photo and hang it on our student achievement board, on the left wall as you walk past the front desk. Our swimmers love to see when their friends pass and what levels they are going to be in next! Finally, with your permission, we put our swimmers up on our Facebook page so you can share with the whole family!

Now that the rewards are taken care of, the next step is scheduling. When your child passes, it is up to you to schedule them in their new class. Come to the front desk to talk to Red or the swim administrator on duty and we will help find a class that fits your schedule. If there isn’t an opening that meets your needs, we can place you on the waitlist for a class and will contact you as soon as a spot opens.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our afternoon deck managers who are there to help guide you through the necessary steps. If you come in the morning when there isn’t a deck manager, our teachers and admin will be able to help you.



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