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By OceanFirst on 3/8/16


The Ocean First Swim School is holding a special spring break edition of our popular Marine Science & Swim Mini Camp! March 21st-25th.

Ms. Lauren and Ms. Jess will be leading the kiddos in crafts, games, storytime, and non-stop marine science fun; every day ends with a full half-hour swim lesson in our pool. 

The camp was created by our very own in-house marine biologist with the help of Ocean First Education and Ocean First Institute. We recommend this camp for children ages 4-8.

Camp Times: Monday-Friday 1:00-3:00pm

  • Day 1: Turtle Day! Children will learn about the different species of marine turtles, turtle nesting and hatching, turtle crawling patterns, and the journey of a turtle.

  • Day 2: Whale Day! Your young scientist will learn about the differences between baleen and toothed whales, whale feeding behaviors such as bubble-netting, and the life of a humpback whale.

  • Day 3: Fish & Coral Reef Day! Children will learn about what makes a fish a fish, the relationship between clownfish and anemones, how fish clean themselves, and coral reef communities.

  • Day 4: Shark Day! Children will learn about the different species of sharks, how sharks hunt, and why sharks are our friends, not our enemies.

  • Day 5: Water Safety & Conservation Day! Children will learn about water pollution, how trash affects marine animals, how to help conserve our oceans, and how to be safe around the water. Friday's pool time will be spent practicing personal water safety skills, and how to help a friend in trouble.

If your spring break is already booked, we will be resuming the camp this summer between June and August. Stay tuned for a new week-two curriculum. Call us to reserve a spot today!

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