Cozumel 2016

By OceanFirst on 3/25/16

Our week at Cozumel was just as great as you might friendships, amazing diving and fun!  Although Colorado is pretty mild in February we were all excited to escape the drab landscape and venture south of the boarder to beautiful teal waters and bathing suit weather.

Scuba Club Cozumel proved to be a wonderful intimate resort that was perfectly suited for our group and divers in general.  Everyone there had one thing in mind...great diving!  It was so easy to leave gear out without fear of theft and the small size made running back to your room very easy when you forgot something.  Our group of 13 settled into our spacious rooms quickly and then were off to diving!

First we had to get acquainted with the very efficient processes that Scuba Club had in place for diving.  The resort had tons of lockers to store our gear so our rooms didn't get soaked.  There were several of sign up sheets for nitrox, shore dive tank check out, afternoon and night dives to make ours and the staff's lives easier.  The dive staff was always working hard to make sure that we had what we needed and could do what we wanted.  Our whole group was able to be on one large boat with lots of shade and space to well as a top deck that was perfect for jumping off of (thanks for the show Linda and Kenyon!).  While this is all great what we really came for was the diving.


Cozumel certainly didn't disappoint.  Our dives lasted anywhere from 35minutes to an hour and everyone quickly got used to the processes of drift diving.  We saw so many cool things on this trip that I'm sure Cozumel will remain a favorite Caribbean vacation for a long time to come.  Green turtles feeding in the turtle grass, hawksbill turtles destroying sponges, splendid toad fish croaking away at night, octopus out hunting, southern stingrays playing leapfrog, huge lobsters casually walking about, sail fin blennies playing peek-a-boo, giant green eels everywhere and giant spotted eagle rays slowly flying by and stopping to take a look at us were just some of the highlights.  To cap it all off the weather was beautiful, the seas were calm and the visibility was amazing!  Our guides Pepe and Guiser were always on the look out for the next cool thing to show us and they found it all.


To mix things up a bit with regards to the diving we all took the fairy over to Playa Del Carmen to enjoy some Cenote dives at the Chac Mol Cenotes.  Everyone who hadn't done a cenote dive before was probably a little nervous but didn't show it and the staff at Yucatek was so professional that we all felt at ease after getting in the water and seeing what it was all about.  The ocean water was averaging 78-80F and the cenote was a cool 75F.  Not that much of a difference but you could really feel it!  We first descended into Kukulcan cenote and saw the large cavernous space.  The large stalactites were beautiful and visibility was crystal clear...until you went into the halo cline.  What a cool effect!  The division of the fresh and salt water created a line that you could actually see and if you swam thru that line you couldn't see anything.  Besides the stalactites we also saw South American fresh water cichlids swimming around.  Next we headed over to Little Brother cenote.  This one had us swimming thru areas that looked like the land caverns in Jewel Caves and Caves of the Wind.  Absolutely huge stalactites were everywhere and beautiful under the dive lights.  We came up in a small air chamber that had hanging worms, tree roots, catfish and tarantulas!  All of us had a special experience on this outing and I'm guessing everyone will want to go back again someday.


During our vacation many people gained new certifications and tried new kinds of diving.  Congratulations to Kenyon and Stacie for completing their OW certification...and learning about many different and challenging water conditions!  A huge shout out to Karen and Paula for braving their "non" Stress & Rescue certifications...thru rain and lightning!  In addition to the training we had several firsts:  Jennifer, Kenyon and Stacie did their first night dives.  Kenyon, Stacie and Linda all did their first wreck dives.  Chris, Jennifer, Paula, Jane, Tomo, Michael, Linda, Kenyon, and Stacie all did their first cenote dives.  Pretty amazing week!

Of course the description of our trip wouldn't be complete without mentioning the food.  During the week we were able to venture to many of the great restaurants in Cozumel.  From the steadfast restaurants like La Mission, La Perlita and Ponchos Back yard to the more unique restaurants of Kota and Soresi it was a real foodie trip.  The best part of the evenings was getting to hang out with everyone and building friendships.  The nights on the rooftop patio were pretty relaxing as well (thank you Michael for the great drinks!).

What an amazing adventure!  Thank you to Bill, Linda, Kenyon, Stacie, Stella, Paula, Michael, Karen, Jane, Tomo, Jen, and Chris for a great week!

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