Celebrating Your Swimmer's Milestones

By OceanFirst on 3/10/16

What does it mean for your child to "test"?

As your child progresses through their swim lessons, your teacher will let you and your swimmer know that a practice test will be in the near future. We want to make it clear that not every "test" is cause for a level change, and instead allows us to identify areas of improvement so they don’t find themselves struggling in a more advanced level.

How do tests work?

When a teacher feels your child is ready for a test they will ask a second teacher to watch them perform the final goals for that level. We have a second teacher watch the test because they offer a fresh pair of eyes to identify areas that the child needs to improve before moving to the next level. Our levels build upon each other, so if we don’t correct those areas before they move to the next level they will find themselves behind in the next level. Swim School International has very specific goals to be obtained and the tests are meant to be hard. However, it is important to celebrate the small achievements so they don't feel discouraged.

Celebrating the Little Things

Parents and kids should celebrate the small successes such as putting their face in for the first time, swimming across the pool, or doing their first lap of butterfly. We want all of our students to feel successful in their swimming, no matter their level. Milestones may be different to each person and it is helpful to set small goals so that each swimmer can feel accomplished throughout their journey. Stay in communication with their teachers so that together we can create weekly and monthly milestones for your little ones!


Make sure to talk to Red or Kathryn (our front desk admins) after your child passes so they can change them to the appropriate level!


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