Ocean First Gives Back: Community Food Share

By OceanFirst on 7/24/17


As a B-Corp, we like to put our actions where our words are. Last week, a few of our employees took some time out of their Friday to join Colorado’s B Corp community as we came together for a morning of action at Community Food Share in Louisville to be hunger fighting heroes! Joined by employees from Ecosystems Group, Inc., WashPark Capital, Organic India USA, CauseLabs, and Help2Heal, we contributed to Community Food Share’s mission to end hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties.


Volunteers make up 64 percent of the work required for the non-profit organization to function. Volunteers help collect, sort, and distribute the food that gets donated. Our group was divided into three tasks: sorting onions, sorting raw meat, and sorting random food donations. The Ocean First team worked in the random food donation room. After learning how to sort and identify good versus bad food, we were set to work opening boxes and dividing them up into boxes labeled things like “protein”, “snacks”,“fruit” etc. so that the boxes could then be distributed to centers based on what their needs are that week. It was a fun and rewarding experience, and after 3 hours our team had sorted 4500 pounds of food! When you include the other groups of B-Corp volunteers, we sorted and prepared nearly 8,000 POUNDS of food to support those experiencing hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

20232717_1416638821782528_2103182669805229639_o.jpgCommunity Food Share acts as a food bank and a food pantry, meaning they store and sort food that gets distributed to families in need across Boulder and Broomfield counties, as well as providing an on-site food distribution area where anyone receiving government benefits can pick up 100 pounds of food per week. Hunger is a silent issue, so it can be shocking to hear that 1 in 8 people in Boulder/Broomfield suffer from hunger. When hardship hits, food is often the first to go as limited funds need to go towards more pressing needs such as electricity and gas for their cars. By having access to free food, people don’t have to choose between eating and filling their gas tanks, and can therefore continue to work and stay afloat.

Of the nearly 10 million pounds of food they distribute, Community Food Share is proud to say that over 35% of that food is produce and over 40% is protein, statistics that stand out compared to most canned and dry food banks across the country.

For years now, Ocean First has coordinated annual canned food drives that benefit Community Food Share. After this experience, we are even more committed to helping them and the work that they do, and we hope that you consider donating when you see food drives happening in your community.



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