Ocean First in the Channel Islands

By OceanFirst on 7/27/16

This July, Ocean First made our inaugural trip to California’s Channel Islands, a cold water paradise. Because of the rugged nature of the the island of Anacapa, we stayed in a hotel in Ventura and boated out to the shallows around the island for some of the world’s best kelp forest diving.

For our divers who have spent most of their time diving in tropical waters, the kelp forests offered a magical and unique dive experience, and the marine life definitely did not disappoint. From the pods of dolphins and humpback whale sightings on the boat rides between the dive sites to the massive sea bass and sea lion interactions underwater, everyone was in awe. Other critters we spotted include loads of garibaldi (california’s state fish!), anemone, nudibranchs, sea slugs, and carpets of sea stars and urchins. With the water hovering at a cool 68º, we had a couple divers working on completing their dry suit diver certifications while others braved the waters with wetsuits.

With its close proximity, inexpensive airfare, and unique landscape we were so excited to have this on our travel calendar this year, and plan to offer this trip again soon!

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Thursday, 04 Aug | post by OceanFirst

Thanks Kevin! The video link should be fixed but if it still gives you trouble you can find it on YouTube here:

Tuesday, 02 Aug | post by Kevin Stepelton

Bruce, it looks like you had another fine group to dive with. As usual, you folks(Ocean First) picked the best time to go - July. In October the water temp. in the Channels can get into the 50s. It can get cold even if you're in a 7mm wetsuit.

Best wishes,
Kevin (California diver/resident)

P.S. I couldn't get the video to run for some reason but will check back later.

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