Meet your teacher, Michael

By OceanFirst on 7/22/16

How did you learn to swim?

Michael: For the most part I taught myself. I naturally swam breaststroke as my first stroke and taught myself some of the other competitive strokes. 

Why do you enjoy teaching swimming lessons?
M: It is very gratifying to see a child go from total fear of the water to swimming comfortably and having fun. I really enjoy finding the unique progress and techniques it takes to help each individual become a better swimmer.  
What inspires you?
M: I am inspired by the outdoors and by how we can improve ourselves every day. I am inspired by where those two things intersect, such as with incredibly strong open water swimmers and rock climbers, highly skilled and knowledgeable scuba divers, PhD's collecting data in the field, and any one else who creates a better self/world by interacting with nature.

If you could join any profession, what would it be?
M: I would be a surgeon.  There is something satisfying about taking something apart, fixing it, and putting it back together. If I could save or change someone's life in the process, that would be extremely rewarding. If for some reason medical school doesn't work out I will be a fly fishing, rock climbing, or dive guide. Not a bad backup plan.

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