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By OceanFirst on 7/27/16

As any underwater photographer knows, the key ingredients for vibrant photos is a good camera and plenty of light. The options can sometimes seem endless, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite equipment.


We have two great camera options for people to get excited about. The DC1400 camera is a full featured compact digital camera and housing that takes HD videos.  It has 14mp and allows you to choose any memory size you want!  The large keys allow for easy use even if you have gloves on or have bigger fingers.  The DC1400 starts at $399 and can be configured any number of ways with optional  strobes, video lights and fisheye lenses to make an amazing system.


The other option is a super compact camera that is impossible to flood! Both the 13mp Mirco HD (16gb internal memory) and the 16mp Micro 2.0 (64gb internal memory) models are perfect for taking pictures on the fly and are protected against drops and floods by a padded housing with no external openings. These cameras start at $399 as well and can be configured with external video lights and lenses.



Ocean First has secured a package deal on two of the most amazing lights in the Diving industry, the Sola Dive 1200 spot/flood light and the GobeS 500 light.  With these two lights you'll have your primary and backup lights covered, as well as having great lights for video, and they work well as bike lights back at home! If you were to buy both separately they would total $579.98 but if you buy by September 5th (Labor Day) you can get them both for $475. Only while supplies so come in early if you want one. The last day we can take special orders is August 5th.


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