Meet Reese

By OceanFirst on 7/13/15

Why do you enjoy teaching swimming? 
"I enjoy teaching swimming because I believe developing the connection and relationship with one’s body is a powerful step towards happiness and personal freedom.  I pursued a master’s degree in neurophysiology and motor learning at CU Boulder because of my interest in movement, bodies, and the learning process.  Helping empower swimmers to feel more comfortable and confident in the water is a way that I can use my education and aptitudes to be a positive influence within our community."
What do you love doing outside of swimming? 
"My two passions outside of work and my studies are music and practicing Chinese martial arts. I like to sing, play guitar, banjo, and keyboard, and I’m learning the viola."
Who inspires you?
"I’d say a role model of mine is Bruce Lee. I think he epitomizes a great learner, and is an impressive example of combined creativity and dedication."
What legacy do you want to leave at the Swim School?
"What I hope to leave as a legacy for my swim students is an excitement about personal growth, and a comfort with working through obstacles."


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