Now a Dive Shop For Turtles

By OceanFirst on 2/1/19

diveshop4turtles.pngOcean First is proud to be an official Dive Shop For Turtles, furthering our commitment to protecting our ocean and its inhabitants by supporting conservation efforts and educating divers about the turtle shell trade and other threats to sea turtles.

Sea turtles are one of the top draws for divers around the world. Not only are these charismatic reptiles fun to watch, they are also critical for the health of the ocean. Sea turtles help keep coral reefs and seagrass beds healthy, keep jellyfish numbers under control, and more.

Partner dive shops help protect sea turtles by supporting conservation efforts and educating divers about the turtleshell trade and other threats to sea turtles. From avoiding products made from turtleshell, diving in a way that doesn’t hurt reefs or turtles, and supporting important nesting beaches, divers are making a difference for endangered sea turtles.

Click here for a list of tips about how to be a turtle-friendly diver. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not disturb turtles and their environment. 

Sea turtle souvineers are a significant threat to endangered hawksbill turtle populations. Help end demand for real "tortoiseshell" by learning how to recognize these illegal products and reporting offenders to the authorities. 



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