Ice Safety

By OceanFirst on 2/12/16


With winter in full force and the variety of temperatures that come with it, make sure to talk to your children about safety around ice. 

How to be safe around ice:

  • Never go on ice alone or let your children wander onto it without supervision.
  • Always inform someone else of your destination and expected time of return.
  • When changing locations on the ice, always walk at least ten yards apart from your friend.
  • Ice thickness is not consistent, and it is difficult to judge based on appearance.
  • Stay away from cracks, slushy areas and darker areas that signify thinner ice.
  • If you bring your pet, always keep it on a leash. If your pet falls through the ice, do not attempt to rescue it; as difficult as it is, stay safe and call for help.
What to do if you fall through the ice:
  • Don't panic! Try to remain calm and act efficiently to conserve heat and energy. 
  • Try to get your arms onto the ice and kick hard to get enough of your body out. Then roll away from the hole to safety.
  • Keep as much of your body out of the water as possible, with your head up at all times.
  • Throw, don't go! If a friend falls in, try to reach them from a laying-down position, or throw them something that can work as a flotation device. Have you or a friend call for help.
Next time you take your child near a frozen lake or river, ask them what they would do if the ice breaks and talk through some scenarios with them. It could save a life!

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