Is Your Wetsuit Past Its Prime?

By on 12/3/14


Wetsuits are the unsung heros of our greatest dives, and are well worth the investment. Proper care of wetsuits--such as rinsing with fresh water, storing in a cool place, and using wetsuit shampoo--is important in increasing the lifespan of neoprene, but no matter your care regimen, a wetsuit will not last your lifetime.

Neoprene wetsuits naturally degrade and compress over time; the bubbles within the rubber become smaller due to the crushing pressure at deeper depths. This means the warmth offered by the suit is reduced. The dry Colorado air your wetsuit is probably being stored in doesn't help the degradation either!

Another reason your wetsuit might not be providing the proper amount of warmth is the cut and fit of the suit. Scuba wetsuits are made to fit differently than wetsuits for surface sports, which provide room in the shoulders to allow more arm movement, but decrease their thermal properties for extended time underwater. You want your wetsuit to be a brand name scuba suit that fits snugly, for minimal water leakage in during your dives.

If you have had your suit for three years or more than 60 dives, it’s time for a new one! Come in to Ocean First Divers where we’ll help you through a custom fitting session and answer any questions about the life stage of your suit.

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