Meet Your Instructor: Megan!

By OceanFirst on 8/24/15

When did your love of swimming begin?
"I joined swim team after the 2004 Olympics when I watched Michael Phelps for the first time. My brother and I spent hours at the pool that summer teaching ourselves how to do all the strokes and flip turns, so I was pretty much hooked from there on." 

What is your favorite thing about teaching?  
"I love teaching preschool and advanced classes. With the little ones I really have to be creative with them, and with the older kids I love teaching them advanced strokes because it reminds me of when I was on swim team at their age."
What would you love to see in/around the water more than anything else?
"A mermaid. Especially Miss Emily as a mermaid."
Who inspires you? 
"My parents are my biggest inspiration because of how hard they worked to help me get to where I am and how supportive they are of me no matter what I decide to do."

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!
"I once beat my 8th grade gym teacher in a pull up contest. Which is why everybody should be a swimmer because it is an awesome workout and builds strength! I also have as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio."

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