April Swimmer of the Month

By OceanFirst on 4/21/16

Congratulations to our Swimmer of the Month, Olivia! Each month, the Ocean First Swim School rewards a special swimmer for their dedication and love for swimming. Olivia has been swimming with us since she was a Beginner I; she is now in Intermediate I! She attends class twice a week and truly shows her dedication during each lesson. Olivia works great with all different teachers and takes feedback well. We all appreciate Olivia and her love for swimming! Here are some questions we asked to get to know Olivia better:

What is your favorite thing about swimming?
Olivia: "That I have fun!"

What are your swimming goals? 
 O: "To be safe if I go out into the ocean, and scuba diving!"
Who inspires you the most?
O: "Taylor Swift and my Brother."  (Olivia's brother comes to a lot of her swim lessons!) 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
G: "A doctor or a famous piano player, I am learning to play the piano now."

What is a fun fact about yourself?
O: " I am a really good piano player, a good swimmer, and I make a good horsey noise."

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