Layering for Warmth

By Ingrid on 4/24/23

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We all know that using a full suit is the best possible scenario for warmth and protection while diving, but what happens when you are still cold? Luckily in Colorado, we are used to layering!  In the morning we dress for cooler temperatures, by mid-day we need to take off a layer, and by evening we need to put them back on and then add a hat. In order to be properly outfitted for your diving trip you need to consider doing the same.

At the beginning of your trip, you may be completely comfortable in the full suit you brought, but after several dives in one day or multiple days of diving you discover that you are getting colder more quickly on each dive. This is because between dives we never fully warm back up in our core if we are diving extensively. The ac in your room or on the boat cools you down, the wind causes evaporative cooling, and even your suit compresses from the beginning of your trip to the end. (see our blog Why Doesn’t My Wetsuit Keep Me Warm Anymore).

33538124238_3456377790_c.pngIf you don’t want to purchase a thicker suit, here are several options to layer with your full suit. One of the simplest items to get is a hood. We all know that a hat keeps our head warm on land, imagine how much warmth you lose underwater when even your hair does not keep the water away from your scalp! You can go with a small beanie hood like a bather’s cap, or a hood with a bib that tucks into your wetsuit. If that doesn’t do enough for you, either a 3mm vest or a hooded vest are great options. Both should be worn under your wetsuit for the most effectiveness as well as easy wetsuit removal. The hooded vest gives you the benefit of preventing water from going down your neck when you bend forward (this is what makes me coldest)! You can also consider a shorty wetsuit to wear over the top of your full suit.


External features get cold quicker than your core, so think about your hands and feet. Boots are a great option to keep your feet warm in most environments, but what if they are still cold? Try layering inside your boots with either neoprene socks or Bare Exowear Socks. They will add considerable warmth to your feet and allow you to dive in cold water. As an added benefit, they are great to wear in sandals for other activities like whitewater rafting and hiking in muddy environments! For your hands, even a thin glove like the Bare Exowear gloves are an amazing addition to your kit. I use mine for everything both in and out of the water because they are quite comfortable.

If you or your loved one needs extra warmth, consider layers as an excellent option. They are way less expensive than buying a whole new suit and can make the difference between enjoying your activity and not. A bonus is that most of these layers can also be used for day-to-day activities, making them a worthwhile long-term purchase!

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