May Specialty of the Month: Night and Limited Visibility

By OceanFirst on 4/27/17

diving-in-Cozumel-at-night.jpgSome of the greatest dives happen after the sun sets. Under the cover of darkness, critters who are normally hidden during the day, such as molluscs and crustaceans, come out to feed. Other ocean creatures that are present during the daytime display different behaviors at night. Even the corals can be seen feeding! Many divers will say that they prefer night dives over daytime dives.

Night diving can provide a truly unique and extremely rewarding experience; however, to be done correctly, a night dive needs to be properly planned and organized. SSI’s Night and Limited Visibility course will teach you about the procedures, techniques, and potential hazards associated with diving at night or in limited visibility. By becoming familiar with the use of dive lights and night diving techniques such as navigation techniques, buddy systems procedures and proper buoyancy control, you will be able to enjoy night diving with maximum safety and comfort.

With the right equipment and a powerful torch there is a lot to discover. Night diving is a whole new way to experience the underwater world.

Sign up for our May Night and Limited Visibility class and receive 10% off any dive light! Class is held on Thursday, May 25th from 6-8pm.


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