April is Adult Learn to Swim Month

By OceanFirst on 4/27/17

It is an important month for Ocean First as we encourage all adults to start, restart, or continue to swim! This year we want to shine the spotlight on our adults that are challenging themselves to improve their swimming skills which include: breath holds, technique, distance, endurance, and strength. We asked some of our swimming enthusiast staff members about their personal goals:

Kathy, the buyer and retail manager for Ocean First, is a lifelong scuba diver who previously participated on a competitive diving team. Right now she is training for a triathlon and is working on endurance and specific stroke techniques such as butterfly timing.

giphy.gifOur level one freediving instructor, Kellon, is working on his freestyle performance, specifically to elongate his stroke and improve his pace so that he may become a level two freediving instructor! One of our swim school instructors, Jess, is training to become a level one freediving instructor as well. A part of her journey is to work on increasing her breath-hold and to improve her swim strokes. 

Last summer our Swim School Director, Lauren, completed the Horsetooth 10k and this year she plans on racing again. She’s currently practicing her long distance swimming to improve her time from last year!

In addition to training, our teachers attend technique clinics, practice their strokes, and stay up to date on the latest swim team rules and strategies. Individually, we each have personal fitness goals that becoming a strong swimmer can help us achieve, such as becoming a better white-water rafter, kayaker, rock climber, surfer, and so much more.

Swimmers of all ages come to us with individual goals and reasons for enrolling in lessons. Many adults reach out to us wanting to learn for the first time or to push themselves towards new swim goals. We encourage all first time adults as well as long time swimmers to get into the pool with us to practice and learn, because swimming is an important life skill that keeps us all safe and strong.

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