OceanFirst Swim


Our private facility, friendly staff, small classes, and 89°F indoor pool allow swimmers to focus on learning new skills.

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OceanFirst Dive


Immerse yourself into the world of scuba diving and develop a lifelong passion for the marine environment.


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OceanFirst travel


Discover the other 70% of the planet. We offer group trips and customized adventures for any intrepid explorer.

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Safety & Wellness Update

Safety & Wellness Update

Updates regarding our swim school, training, retail shop and travel guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last updated 6/2/20 2:30pm

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Scuba Rangers – Creating Confident Young Divers

Scuba Rangers – Creating Confident ...

Scuba Rangers is a program that allows students as young as eight to get a jump-start on learning the diving skills required to become an open water diver. But as Mark, our Dive Master Instructor, knows, the Rangers often walk away from the program with a new set of life skills that follow them outside of the pool. Read on for Mark's take on the power of the Scuba Rangers program.

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Key Largo: Domestic Diving at Its Finest

Key Largo: Domestic Diving at Its ...

Getting out of Colorado to dive into the ocean once again was like a dream! We escaped the dry heat and were greeted by the balmy Florida weather, a plethora of sea creatures and beautiful reefs that provided a blissful sanctuary under the sea.

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Manufacturer's Plastic - It's Time For Change

Manufacturer's Plastic - It's Time ...

Reducing plastic consumption should be a top priority for those with a stake in the game, including those in the dive industry.  And yet, with every shipment of dive gear Ocean First receives for our retail floor, we are bombarded with mounds of plastic packaging. Read on to find out what our retail manager and buyer, Kathy Gagliardo, has done to make a stand. 

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Our goal is to create a powerful ecosystem where swimming, diving, adventure, education, and preservation come together to form a unique community. Whether you bring your child for swimming lessons, get certified, or travel across the globe with us, you can expect the same level of attention, safety and compassion.

Ocean First  

Experience New Depths.


You will not be disappointed

“If you are looking for your son or daughter to learn how to swim in a loving, respectful, and friendly environment, then look no further. You will not be disappointed.”

–Justin O.

As a diver of 30+ years

“As a diver of 30+ years, with a background in oceanography and marine biology, I look for a dive shop that can bring more to the game than snorkels and a regulator check. Ocean First Divers is superb! They blend a high level of competent services, skilled assistance with training, an exciting menu of exotic travel.”

–George Tamm

The best vacation I have had

“The Costa Rica Trip last week was one for the books. I feel like I hit the lottery with this group of people and most especially Amy. Thanks again for providing me with the best vacation I have had in years!”

–Sharon Partidge


Ocean First is passionate about increasing ocean awareness and literacy and providing ways for our community to become impassioned stewards for their marine environment. We have two amazing sister organizations that help educate and empower our communities to make a difference. Please visit Ocean First Education and Ocean First Institute for more information.

OceanFirst Education

Ocean First Education inspires new depths of awareness and respect for our ocean. Through innovative education, research and technologies, they create knowledgeable, passionate ocean stewards.

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Ocean First Institute

Ocean First Institute is a non-profit that merges science, education, and sustainability to promote, protect, and preserve our marine environments. We believe a healthy ocean is a healthy planet.

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