OceanFirst Swim


Our scuba and swim classes are fun and comfortable for youths and adults swim classes in our private 89˚ F indoor pool with 4:1 student to instructor ratios.

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OceanFirst Dive


Immerse yourself into the world of scuba diving and develop a lifelong passion for the marine environment.


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OceanFirst travel


Discover the other 70% of the planet. We offer group trips and customized adventures for any intrepid explorer.

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May 22nd: Swim Meet

May 22nd: Swim Meet

Ocean First Swim is hosting a swim meet on Sunday, May 22nd during swim team hours from 5pm-7pm. This is a great opportunity to expose your student to the structure of a swim meet and the world of competitive swimming. 

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2016 Summer Party & Sale

2016 Summer Party & Sale

Mark your calendars because the biggest event of the summer is right around the corner! Join Ocean First on Saturday, June 11th from 10-6pm for our 10th annual Summer Party, featuring a store-wide sale, used gear sale, gear demos, a free Try Rebreather class, classroom seminars, and our highly anticipated raffle! Plus, all attendees get a free branded gift. Read on for more information.

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Meet Your Trip Leader, Gary!

Meet Your Trip Leader, Gary!

As Ocean First's Assistant Training Director and resident expert on rebreather diving, Gary is an integral part of the Ocean First team. His passion for adventure has landed him the position of trip leader for our upcoming New Years liveaboard diving trip to St. Kitts and St. Maarten. Here's a little more about Gary: 

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Ocean First Awarded the Blue Certified Eco-Label

Ocean First Awarded the Blue ...

Today, Ocean First announced it has been awarded the Blue Certified eco-label. Ocean First joined the Blue Certified program because it wanted a proven step-by-step system to achieve more efficient business practices, increase cost savings, and attract more clients who care about the ocean. 

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Our goal is to create a powerful ecosystem where swimming, diving, adventure, education, and preservation come together to form a unique community. Whether you bring your child for swimming lessons, get certified, or travel across the globe with us, you can expect the same level of attention, safety and compassion.

Ocean First  

Experience New Depths.


You will not be disappointed

“If you are looking for your son or daughter to learn how to swim in a loving, respectful, and friendly environment, then look no further. You will not be disappointed.”

–Justin O.

As a diver of 30+ years

“As a diver of 30+ years, with a background in oceanography and marine biology, I look for a dive shop that can bring more to the game than snorkels and a regulator check. Ocean First Divers is superb! They blend a high level of competent services, skilled assistance with training, an exciting menu of exotic travel.”

–George Tamm

The best vacation I have had

“The Costa Rica Trip last week was one for the books. I feel like I hit the lottery with this group of people and most especially Amy. Thanks again for providing me with the best vacation I have had in years!”

–Sharon Partidge


Ocean First is passionate about increasing ocean awareness and literacy and providing ways for our community to become impassioned stewards for their marine environment. We have two amazing sister organizations that help educate and empower our communities to make a difference. Please visit Ocean First Education and Ocean First Institute for more information.

OceanFirst Education

Ocean First Education inspires new depths of awareness and respect for our ocean. Through innovative education, research and technologies, they create knowledgeable, passionate ocean stewards.

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Ocean First Institute

Ocean First Institute is a non-profit that merges science, education, and sustainability to promote, protect, and preserve our marine environments. We believe a healthy ocean is a healthy planet.

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