We recognize our facility reflects our business philosophies, values and customer experiences and aspire to achieve sustainability in the built environment as well as in our operations. Our goal is to become as energy independent as the existing facility will permit, relying primarily on solar PV and thermal systems and the reduction of electricity, gas, and chemicals to reach that goal.

Every year, Ocean First undergoes an internal energy audit to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. One of our most prized retrofits came in 2015 with the introduction of an innovative new pool filtration system that uses LifeGuard Technology. This utilizes an advanced oxidation process to create highly potent hydroxyls that quickly eliminate bacteria, viruses and protozoa, sanitizing water more efficiently and effectively than chlorine and ozone. It produces long-lasting hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. As a result, our pool is cleaner, safer and has less chemicals than ever before. In fact, three months after installing the LifeGuard Technology, our pool tested cleaner than Boulder’s drinking water!

In addition to having some of Boulder County’s cleanest water, we also have its only heated indoor dive pool, designed with shallow and deep wells for both swim and dive training. The water is kept at a balmy 89°F and private locker and classrooms, a kitchenette, and beach volleyball court round out the unique Ocean First training experience.

Check out the live-stream of our pool:

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